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Music is a companion that’ll stay by your side through thick and thin and through better or worse. No matter what the situation is, music is the medicine that works like a charm. Listening to music on worn-out speakers is one of the pet peeves for many music lovers. 

The stock speaker that comes with the car doesn’t produce enough bass that will help you enjoy music to its core. Most of the cars come with mediocre built-in speakers that offer moderate sound quality. Also, they’re quite incompetent in terms of power and performance. 

However, if you’re looking for a new pair of car speakers then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a bunch of amazing speakers that will let you enjoy your musical endeavors to the fullest. From budget ones to expensive ones, we have got something on the list for everyone. These are undoubtedly the best 6×9 speakers in the market, so, get ready to listen to some soul-shaking music. 

Our Top Picks for Best 6×9 Speakers 

RankProduct NamePower Handling (per pair)SensitivityFrequencyOverall Rating Out of 5Price
#1Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speakers400 Watts 92dB30 – 22,000 Hz4.7See Price
#2Polk Audio DB691 6-by-9-Inch 3-Way Speakers300 Watts93 dB35-22,000 Hz4.6See Price
#3 New Kicker 41DSC6934 6"x9" 3-Way Speakers140 Watts92 dB30 – 20,000 Hz4.3See Price
#4JBL GX963 6 x 9-Inch 3-Way Loudspeaker200 Watts 94 dB45-21,000 Hz4.4See Price
#5Rockford Fosgate Punch P1 692 6 x 9-Inches Coaxial Speakers150 Watts91 dB60 - 22,000 Hz4.3See Price
#6JBL GTO939 Premium 6 x 9 Inches Co-Axial Speaker300 Watts94 dB46-21,000 Hz4.1See Price
#7BOSS Audio CH6930 6 x 9 Inch, 3 Way Car Speakers400 Watts90 dB 50- 20,000 Hz3.8See Price
#8Pioneer TS-A6996S 6″ x 9″ 3-Way Speaker420 Watts92 dB28-36,000Hz4.5See Price
#9INFINITY KAPPA 693.9i 3-Way Coaxial Speakers 600 Watts2.83 V/ 1m40– 25,000Hz4See Price

1.Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speakers, Pack of 2

best 6x9 speakers

Kenwood KFC-6965S

Kenwood has been in the speaker industry for a long time so you can buy these bad boys without any hesitation. The advantages of Kenwood KFC-6965S speakers are their superior technical ability and advanced material that produce a rich sound which will make every car ride an enjoyable one.

The Kenwood KFC-6965S is particularly designed for those who want to get strong bass and high-quality treble in their car. There is a frequency range from 60Hz up to 2500 to ensure that your favorite song is going to be played at the highest level. It comes in an attractive black color with a silver finish around the treble output that gives it an elegant look.

When you open the box you will get two 3 way speakers, 2 grilles, two 12” lengths of speaker wire, eight self-tapping screws, warranty information, and specification on the box for fitting. The speaker has 400 watts of peak power along with 92db sensitivity. You can even add an amplifier for a bigger sound.

The Kenwood KFC-6965S is one of the best-selling 6×9 speakers in the market. The speaker is very easy to install and it’s a massive upgrade from the factory speakers. The speaker features a 3-way design which means sound comes from three different devices known the woofer, tweeter drivers and mid-range.

Indeed, Kenwood sounds very good compared to its price. One shouldn’t expect high-quality bass but you will get the best sound that’s worth your money. This is surely one of the best 3-way speakers that Kenwood has to offer at the moment. For a decent sound quality than stock speakers, one should get this for a quick upgrade.

  • Very easy to install
  • Does not require an amplifier 
  • Fantastic packaging that prevents any damage
  • Affordable price and quality product
  • Stylish look
  • Need more speaker wire for installation
  • Sold only in pairs


2. Polk Audio DB691 6-by-9-Inch 3-Way Speakers

Best 6X9 Speakers

Polk Audio DB691

Polk audio’s speaker is known as a super-efficient speaker for their cutting-edge design that corresponds to the newest technologies from a revolutionary manufacturer. The speakers are best for those who prefer listening to loud music. With high performance and durability, DB691 is definitely going to be worth every penny.

Polk has made a speaker with stainless steel mounting and rust resistance to make them comfortable for marine use. This attribute makes the speaker waterproof and you can use these speakers in both the indoor and outdoor environments. However, you should not drown them underwater because it will result in technical damage.

The box comes with two 3-way speakers, 2 grilles, 8-speed clips, an online registration sheet, owner’s manuals, and many more. The grilles wheel-design is ABS which adds an appealing look to your car’s interior. The Polk Audio is a pair of 6×9″ three-way speakers that provide a magnificent sound performance.

The installation process of this speaker for most cars and even motorcycles is super easy. Their multi-hole setting patterns allow you to mount and set up the Polk Audio DB691 speakers in many different ways. Not only this speaker offers clear sound but it also gives excellent stretchability when it comes to wiring your sound system.

If you’re looking for ultimate speakers to embrace your music then the DB691 three-way speaker system is a perfect choice. Even mediocre music will sound awesome when you’re listening to it on the Polk Audio DB691. The power handling peak is 600 watts and a frequency response of 35 to 22,000 Hz with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Overall, these speakers are designed for not only car owners but all types of vehicles.

  • Marine certified
  • Clear sound quality
  • Multiple hole setting for easy installation
  • Durability
  • 93 dB sensitivity
  • Lacks in the bass department

3. New Kicker 41DSC6934 D-Series 6×9″ 720 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers.

best 6x9 speakers

New Kicker 41DSC6934

This is something that will grab every music enthusiast’s attention- a pack of 4 coaxial speakers. Sounds fascinating, right? These speakers are surely more than enough for starters.  It fits pretty well in most cars and a massive improvement over factory sound. 

As mentioned earlier you will be getting 4 coaxial audio speakers and 4 red plastic connectors. There are an 8-speed clip, 8 self-tapping screws, and 2 grilles with speaker wires as well. The speakers are easy to install as there is an installation manual included with it. 

The Kicker 41DSC6934 has an excellent build quality that is meant to give you long-lasting and strong performance. The tweeter has a minimal protrusion which is only 13mm in size. Also, its thin profile design makes it easy to install almost anywhere. The sound quality is going to be absolutely phenomenal as you will be getting 4 speakers with this package.

Even though you may be having low powered factory units, a highly sensitive motor structure of the woofers will increase volume-outcome. For a better musical experience, you can also add an amplifier to boost the speaker’s performance. Polypropylene woofer cone will handle the low frequency sounds just the way you like it.

All the 4 speakers feature a max power of 720 watts and RMS power of 180 watts. The wide frequency range of 30 Hz to 20k Hz will give you excellent sound quality. The 4-ohm impedance ensures to power up the speaker and with 92 dB sensitivity rating you get to enjoy loud music with minimal distortions. 

  • High sensitive motor structure 
  • Pack of 4 speakers
  • Easy to install with installation manual
  • Thin profile design
  • Doesn’t fit well in all vehicles

4, JBL GX963 300W 6″ X 9″ 3-Way GX Series Coaxial Car Loudspeakers.

best 6x9 speakers


JBL speakers are a trendsetter, those who want quality sound along with appealing looks, JBL speakers are must-have for them. To give you a better low-frequency response, they have patented Plus One that extends the side area of the polypropylene woofer cone. 

In the box, you will get two 3-way speakers, 2 bottom mount adapters, 2 grilles, 2 Adhesive backed foam gasket strips and an instruction manual for installation. The low impudence draws more power from car stereo or from amplifier which is up to 100 watts RMS that will give your music more boosts.

The speaker features 2.88” rubber speaker surrounds and a balanced doomed tweeter. These speakers run at 2.3 ohms, not the common 4-ohm impudence that other manufacturers use. This will help you to have a lot more bass and the highs are clearer with no distortion at the max volume. If your vehicle has a stock amplifier that power all the speakers then you don’t have to look for another amplifier as the stock one is perfect than others. 

With the JBL GX963 speakers, you will hear the music details you have never heard before with the help of an edge-driven soft dome tweeter and edge-driven polypropylene super tweeter that expand the high-frequency range. The speaker has a frequency response of 45 Hz to 21k Hz and a sensitivity of 94dB. The maximum power handling peak of the speaker is 210 watts.

  • Great audio performance
  • Great building quality
  • Plus one polypropylene woofer cone
  • Individually voiced 
  • Need other equipment for better performance 

5. Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch 

best 6x9 speakers

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692

If you’re looking for a speaker to quench your musical thirst on the road then you should definitely use Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch. It is one of the best speakers. It’s well known for its incredible features which is why it has attracted a lot of users.

The range of this speaker is full. It has a flex-fit basket that can ensure compatibility. Instead of single-sized screw holes, one can utilize slots to allow slight adjustment when it is mounted. 

The adjustable feature comes in handy when the speaker is being mounted at an oddly shaped factory speaker location. The crossover of this speaker remains hidden by the concealed crossover that’s integrated. Thus, it becomes very easy to simplify and decrease installation time.

It features an OEM Adapter plate system. This feature allows a set of full-range speakers to fit in certain openings. The adapter plate also features breakaway tabs. These tabs can be removed with a view allowing all speaker sizes to easily fit in.

The Rockford Fosgate also features VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique). It’s a technique, that easily increases the speaker’s effective radiating area. It can do this without disrupting the installation process. 

The nominal efficiency and maximum output capabilities of this speaker are improved from the previous variants. The design of this speaker eradicates the flat glue area surface. As a result, the surround to be shifted for increased cone area is allowed.

Each speaker can handle 150 Watts of peak power. The recommended power range of this speaker is 15-75 Watts RMS per channel. The injection-molded mineral is filled with a cone made of polypropylene and the PEI dome is ¾” tweeted. 

The frame structure of the Fosgate is StampCast and the impedance of this speaker is 4 ohm It can respond to 60-22,000 Hz frequency and the sensitivity of this speaker is 91 Db. It includes grill and mounting hardware, therefore, you can even install the device yourself. The manufacturer’s warranty for this speaker is 1 year. Considering the price to performance ratio, it is considered as the best speaker by many of the users.

  • Have above-average audio quality
  • Easy to install
  • Power handling specifications are poor
  • Not very efficient

6. JBL GTO939 GTO Series Audio Speakers

best 6x9 speakers


JBL GTO939 GTO Series audio speakers are one of the most affordable speakers in the market. It comes at a very reasonable price with tons of attractive features. This one is a must-have if you’re looking for a budget-friendly speaker that’s loaded with impressive features. 

These speakers are very easy to install. Though there are many speakers out there that require specialist modification and installation to the vehicle, these don’t require that. These speakers were created so that they could replace the OEM 6×9 speakers on any kind of vehicle. It can be installed by the user himself. Also, the user will not require any special tool for the installation process. 

The JBT GTO939 have their own Plus One cone technology. It features a larger cone compared to the other speakers in the market. Thanks to the large cone size, it can vibrate more air that helps the speaker to create better bass quality. 

Each speaker can handle 300W of peak power and the RMS power of each speaker is 100W. The wattage of these speakers can be used in any kind of vehicle. If they are being run through an amplifier then they generate incredible sound quality. The sensitivity rating of these speakers is very high as they come with a sensitivity rating of 94 Db. 

The tweeter of these speakers is made from a My/Ti aka Mylar and Titanium composite. It results in better power handling, reduced distortion, and an overall efficient outcome. The user can adjust the position of the tweeter towards himself by using the UniPivot system. Due to these outstanding features, the JBL GTO939 speakers have received many positive reviews from both critics and users.

  • Compatible with a large range of vehicles
  • Have a frequency response of 45-21,000 Hz
  • Can produce a well-balanced sound
  • No hardware in the box
  • Needs improvement in the upper mid-range and deeper lows

7. BOSS Audio Systems CH6930 Car Speakers

best 6x9 speakers


The Boss Audio CH6930 speakers are hands down one of the best in the industry. They have a very attractive design that will enhance the look of your car. Apart from its design, its features are also equally phenomenal which have made them one of the top-rated speakers out there. 

The speakers are made of polyurethane, a specific type of polymer that allows maximum flexibility and produces great sound quality which lasts for a long-lasting period. They also have a lightweight construction due to their high-quality material. Therefore, the user can easily install it or even uninstall it without any hassle.

The Boss CH6930 speakers are designed uniquely using red and black colors. Thus, the outlook of the speakers will easily attract customers. The voice coils of these speakers are made using the aluminum material which contributes to its toughness. The speakers can work in all types of temperature and they have a rugged construction that’s almost indestructible.

Several new types of foam are also used in making these speakers provide high excursion. These foams also increase the life span of these speakers which is why they can provide high-quality sound to the users for many users.

These speakers can handle up to 400W of peak power and 200W of RMS power and the sensitivity of these speakers is 90 Db. To deliver efficient performance, these speakers require 12 volts of batteries. 

  • Quality is solid
  • Creates great sound
  • Outstanding for the budget
  • Durable
  • Beautiful design
  • Lasts long
  • Bass not deep
  • Lacking in mid sound

8. Pioneer 6 Inch X 9 Inch 6×9 700W 5-Way A-Series Coaxial Car Speakers

best 6x9 speakers

Pioneer TS-A6996S

The Pioneer’s TS-A series is a next-generation speaker. They offer an improved bass quality, a dynamic range, high power handling, and a new cosmetic design. These speakers are also able to give you a smooth low and mid-range response with multilayer mica matrix woofer. 

This is one of the few 6 x 9” 5-way coaxial speakers you will get in the market with a simple yet elegant design. Thighs, the lows, and the mid-range frequencies are significantly more noticeable in these Pioneer speakers as you will be getting more than just a single woofer and a tweeter. The tweeters also do come with a waveguide which ensures that you get optimized sound output.

One of the key features of this speaker is that it comes with a peak power of 650 watts. Besides that, there’s also 93dB impedance that gives you loud and clear sound which at the same time utilizes less power. Also, the frequency range of 20 Hz to 20k Hz is really outstanding for a 5- way coaxial speaker.

To flavor things up, even more, this unit includes a fully covered mesh grill so that you don’t have to worry regarding any kind of physical damages.  The mesh grill will come in handy as you’ll most likely be fitting this in your vehicle door. 

The Pioneer speaker is undoubtedly one of the best 6×9 speakers in the market and it sure does have a better audio quality than most. This one is a must-have if the quality is a major concern for you. So, don’t delay anymore and get your hands on these babies immediately as it will be a worthy upgrade to any factory-installed speakers.

  • Best value for money
  • Lightweight
  • 93dB sensitivity rating
  • High power handling and outstanding frequency response 
  • Doesn’t fit well in all vehicles

9. NEW INFINITY KAPPA 693.9i 6×9″ 330W 3 Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Stereo

best 6x9 speakers


Infinity Kappa 693.9i is able to deliver the sound quality that every music lover longs for. They will surely give you an ethereal musical journey and make every car ride count. It’s one of the loudest 6 x 9 speakers that infinity brand with improved technology.

These speakers have a remarkable performance and they sustain clarity even at the maximum volume. It’s made with a woven glass fiber with woofer cone which helps to minimize low distortion and at the same time increases acoustic clarity. The glass fiber woofer cone also makes the look great and long-lasting. To add more, the plus one woofer cones able up to 30 percent accurate and exciting bass.   

One of the key benefits of this speaker is its lifelike and natural sound. It has a strong build design and for long-lasting performance, they use Metal Matrix Diaphragms. There is also a feature called adjustable tweeter which helps you to adjust the tweeter to comfort different locations in your car. You can adjust the tweeter by a simple push of a button add or subtract 3dB output.

Some of the special features of this speaker are the power handling peak of 330 watts each and RMS of 110 watts each. The speaker has rubber surround and they also use UHF dome tweeter. The frequency response of the speaker is 35 Hz to 30k Hz. 

Overall, these infinity car speakers will be a superb audio speaker to invest your money as it’s capable of handling high volume without hampering the sound quality. The speaker is slightly expensive than other brands out there and considering the price, the bass is not that deep as expected. However, the looks of the speaker are great and it can easily fit and suit any modern car.

  • Easy to install
  • Computer-optimized outboard crossover 
  • MMD dome tweeter
  • Can show negative results after a year 
  • Little much expensive than other brands 

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider before 

Good music will make every car ride memorable and worthwhile. Even when you’re stuck at the traffic after a long hard day, listening to some favorite songs will surely take your tiredness away. No matter which genre you pick, a great sound system will make it sound ethereal. 

As you already know the best 6×9 speakers in the market, it’s high time to make the ultimate purchase. Before you jump into your decision, we want you to look at the important factors to ensure that you pick the perfect match for you. 

Type of Speaker

Before you decide on the final purchase, you need to decide what type of speaker you want to buy. There two main types of speakers: component speakers and full-range speakers. Both speakers have their merits and demerits. It’s up to you which one you’ll go for.

Component Speakers 

Component speakers come with multiple different components such as woofer, external crossover, tweeter, etc. In a component speaker, the highest frequency is generated by tweeters and the lowest by woofers. These speakers cover an audio spectrum from 2000 Hz to 20,000 Hz. If you’re a sucker for bass then these babies are a perfect fit for you. 

Most of the component speakers come with outstanding internal and external features that help to generate a crisp and more realistic sound. Also, these are generally made with high-quality materials that contribute to the durability and the sound quality of the speakers. Another great feature of the speaker is that as all the components are separate, you can mount them in appropriate places of the car. 

Full Range Speakers 

Coaxial speakers are known as full-range speakers. These speakers come with all the components in one package. They’re called full range because these speakers are designed to produce a large range of audio frequencies from a single unit. 

Full-range speakers are an excellent choice if you have a shortage of space in your car. They do contain the same kind of driver as the component speaker but as they’re combined, it easily fits in tight spaces. Also, these models are more pocket-friendly compared to the component speakers. 


Be a 6×9 speaker or not, the material is a crucial factor that you must consider for all sorts of speakers. The quality of the material used for the speakers directly reflects how the sound quality of the speaker will be and how long it’ll last. 

Most car speakers are made with synthetic films such as polypropylene. Many manufacturers tend to mix polypropylene with mica to make it stiffer. Sometimes the synthetic is coated with light metals such as titanium or aluminum to obtain the better sound output. 

Woofer Material 

The material of the woofer is a core determinant of the responsiveness, quality, and clarity of the sound that the speaker generates. The woofer should be made with lightweight material as that will help to produce the best sound output. If you’re looking for speakers that deliver clear high notes and low notes then you must ensure that the woofer material is stiff despite being lightweight. 

Tweeter Material 

Tweeters are the cone-shaped structures that are responsible for generating high tones. The tweeter is usually made with poly, silk, and textile blends. These materials help to produce a subtle and refined sound quality. 

However, stronger material such as ceramics, metal or graphite adds to the durability and quality of the tweeters. Tweeter made with silk generates exceptional sound output as well. 

Surround Material

The speaker’s surround material plays a crucial role in the performance of the unit. Rubber is the best surround material for a 6×9 speaker. However, nowadays surround with foam and cloth are getting quite some popularity as they’re more budget-friendly.

Build Quality 

What good a speaker be if it dies within a month or two? Car speakers don’t come cheap so, you must invest in the right kind that will last you for years. The build quality of the speaker plays a pivotal point as it has an impact on the life cycle of the speaker.

Make sure that the one you go for is made with quality materials and able to withstand heavy beatings. You’ll be traveling on different kinds of terrains with your car so, the speakers need to be tough enough to handle it. 

Power Handling 

The power handling ability of the speaker determines how much power the speaker can handle and the power is measured in watts. This is also co-linked with the ability of your car’s power system because if the system delivers low-power then a speaker that high-power will not be feasible to go with it. 

While shopping for car speakers, you must differentiate properly between RMS power rating and peak power rating. The RMS power refers to the amount of power the speaker is able to handle for a continuous period of time. On the other hand, the peak power refers to the maximum amount of power the speaker can handle during short bursts.


The Frequency of the speaker refers to the extent to which the bass lowers and enhances. The frequency is measured in Hz or kHz. The standard frequency range for the low frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 2,000 Hz. On the other hand, the higher frequency ranges from 8,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz. However, there are speakers where the frequency ranges fluctuate more than this. This number is compatible with the speakers that are mostly available in the market. 

Size of the Speaker

There’s no point spending a hefty amount on a speaker that’ll not fit in your car. If you have a shortage of space in your car then go for speakers that come with adjustable attachments. Make sure that you go for the ones that can easily fit in your car and mount easily.


The sensitivity reflects the power required to reach the set volume and it’s an effective way of measuring the efficiency of the speakers. 90dB is considered to be the standard level of sensitivity and as the number goes up it means that the speaker has a better level of sensitivity. Having a greater level of sensitivity a positive thing for speakers as it’ll require less power to reach a certain volume level. 

Why should I go for a 6×9 speaker?

The 6×9 speakers offer excellent sound output and they’re not very heavy on the pocket as well. If you’re a music lover who’s tired of the mediocre performance of the factory speakers then the 6×9 speakers are the one for you. These bad boys come with plenty of amazing features and there are numerous benefits of having them. 

Variety of Options

The 6×9 speakers are versatile and they come in several different options. The diversity in the type of speaker enables the users to pick their best fit and make the most of their musical experience. They’re also available in a variety of price ranges so that every music lover can enjoy their music to the core despite any price boundary. 

Compact Design 

One of the best features of a6x9 speaker is that it comes in a compact size. Sometimes those large speakers just don’t go with the overall look of your car and those are so out of fashion in today’s context. The 6×9 speakers are designed to fit most cars and they’ll perfectly blend along with the interior of it.

Exceptional Sound-Quality

When it comes to the quality of the speaker, the 6×9 will leave you with no room for complaint. They deliver beastly performance and a concert like a vibe that’ll enable you to feel the music to your soul. Their superior sound-quality is one of the core reasons behind their massive popularity among the music enthusiast. They also work extremely well in canceling out the outside noise and car vibrations as well. 

How Do I Install 6×9 Speakers? 

Setting up a device by yourself has its perks. We have come up with a quick guide that’ll help you set up the speakers on your own. However, if you can always take help from a professional if you don’t want to take the hassle yourself. 

Get Proper Tools

Figuring out that you don’t have all the necessary tools in the middle of the process is nothing short of a nightmare. You’ll be sitting in a pool of equipment only to find out that you can’t put them in place. So, before you start with the process, make sure that you have all the tools that are required to set up the speaker. 

Remove the Factory Speaker

It’s time to take out the oldie but not so goodie. Take off the grill and pop it out backward in an upward motion. Unscrew it properly and make sure that you have disconnected all the wires from the speaker. 

Place the New Speaker 

As you take out the old factory speaker, it’s time to place the new speaker. Make sure you wear safety gear such as gloves, goggles, and ear protectors to keep yourself protected from any accidents. As you take out the old factory speaker, it’s time to place the new speaker. 

You’ll require few tools such as a drill, metal cutting wheel, small cutting too, screwdriver, and mounting screws. At the start of the process, you’ll need to remove any remaining pieces of metal at the edge of the fabric. The hole should be compatible with the size of your new speaker so that you don’t need any further grinding or trimming.

However, make sure that you don’t over drill as that will create gaps between the speaker and the remaining spaces. When you’re done, place the previous grill back or you can also put a new one.

Hook the Wires

This is the final step where you need to hook up the wires. Once you’re done connecting the woofer and the amp, give it a test run and keep enjoying your ride with your new sound system. 


Which is the best 6×9 speaker? Component or Full range? 

Ans: Well, there’s no definite answer to that as it’s a subjective question and it varies with personal preference. Component speakers offer more versatility and they have superior sound quality. On the other hand, full-range speakers are less expensive and they occupy less space than the component speakers. However, the sound quality of a full-range speaker is not as crisp as a component speaker. 

Do the 6×9 speakers need an amplifier?

Ans: This depends on the power consumption of your speaker. High-quality speakers require a lot more power than the car’s built-in power system. In such cases, you’ll require a separate amplifier to cope up with the power production of the speaker. Even if the car’s amplifier is of good quality, an external amplifier will transfer the energy to the speakers more efficiently. 

Do 6×9 speakers produce enough bass?

Ans: The power of the bass produced is proportional to the speaker’s membrane. In this article, we have accumulated the best 6×9 speakers that are capable of generating powerful punch with a rich crisp tone.

Can I set up the speaker myself?

Ans: Setting up any electronic device without any prior experience is a bit tricky. However, if you’re familiar with the process then you’ll surely be able to install it yourself. 


Factory speakers will not sound good to your ears if you’re a hardcore music lover and you prefer to feel the beat while riding the car. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend a hefty amount on a good pair of speakers. There are plenty of outstanding speakers available out there that come at a budget-friendly price. 

However, we have included the best 6×9 speakers out there to ensure that you can feel each of the songs and enjoy music to the fullest while riding the car. All these speakers offer amazing sound quality and exceptional durability. So, get your hands on one of these babies and make every ride a delightful experience. 

You can also watch the video to install a new speaker in your car.

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