10 Best 6X9 Speakers Reviews for Your Car | 2021

Are you looking to blast that music in your car as you travel the roads? Then don't miss out on anything! The best 6x9 speakers is the perfect accessory to get the most out of your favorite songs through clear sound and no distortion.

That's our main purpose in this article. By the end, you'll see why having one of these speakers is a wise decision. No longer will you have to worry about losing sound quality just because you have the wrong equipment.

We've taken into consideration several features like the speaker's capacity to play music at high or low volume, the quality of the bass, among many other things.

Without anything else to add, let's take a look at the top 10 6x9 car speakers available for us!

10 Best 6x9 Speakers for Good Bass and Sound Quality

Since there are countless car speakers out there, we've created our own selection. The devices reviewed here delivered great sound regardless of the music genre. Here’s what you can expect from them.

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What we have here is a set of speakers compatible with all head-units. In a low-powered unit scenario, the speakers make good use of their high-sensitivity motor to operate the woofer and get the best sound volume. The motor also works well with a system featuring a built-in amplifier.

Thanks to the thin design of the woofers, you’ll be able to fit the speakers in the car door comfortably. While doing that, there won’t be any obstructions or issues that may ruin the window mechanism.

Installing these speakers is pretty easy, but you must keep in mind some considerations. For some vehicles, you may need to modify the holes to guarantee a proper fit. Luckily, this process doesn’t take much time either, allowing everyone to follow through with the installation satisfactorily.

After installing them, you’ll be able to start enjoying the incredible performance of these Kicker speakers. Due to the 2-inch polypropylene woofer, surrounded with ribbed polyester foam, the audio quality produced comes loud and detailed.

Other benefits of having these devices are the addition of a half-inch PEI domed tweeter, as well as the super tweeter. These components are responsible for getting rid of hoarseness from the audio. As for the super tweeter, it’ll handle higher frequencies better.

It really doesn’t matter what the volume or frequency of the music is. These speakers will remain loyal to their promise of delivering the most satisfying listening experience.

Despite requiring some modifications depending on the car, the Kicker 43DSC69304 offers one of the best 6x9 component speakers you could find.


  • Loud and clear audio produced
  • A great pick for front and back door speakers
  • The bass quality comes out without distortions
  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with most head-units


  • Depending on the vehicle, the speakers may need some adjustments

Coming from a recognized brand, the Infinity 6x9 speakers offer the complete package. In the purchase, you receive a pair of woofers, tweeters, and crossovers. By including every component needed, these car accessories are a clear example of things done right.

The adjustable tweeter output level is one of the reasons why people like these speakers. Commonly, stock audio systems lack power for high performance, but that’s not the case with the Infinity 9630CX. This particular feature allows optimum sound quality regardless of volume level.

These speakers also feature the Plus One patented technology, which allows the sound to cover a larger area. Because of that, the result is that you’ll have better performance in terms of high sensitivity, low-frequency output, and optimum music quality.

Most people won’t have issues while installing the Infinity 6x9 speakers. They’re available in different sizes, but every model is compact enough to fit well in almost every vehicle. The certainty of knowing the speakers are compatible with your car makes the installation less stressful.

Nonetheless, if your purpose is to install it into door panels, you may encounter some issues. It depends on the vehicle, but the speakers aren’t quick to install in this area.

Once you figure out the installation, you’ll count on these speakers for a long time. Its polypropylene build, surrounded with hi-roll rubber, guarantees a long-lasting performance by increasing both the durability and lifespan.

The speakers are great, perform well with all music genres, the bass quality is incredible, and they’re durable too. For the price, these speakers truly are a good pick for most car owners.


  • Play it on high or low, and the sound quality will be incredible
  • Optimum power for audio output, not requiring amp
  • For the price, these speakers meet every expectation
  • Durable


  • Door panel installation may be tricky, though it depends on the car

If you want the highest quality accessories, going for a reliable brand is always the wisest thing to do. In that sense, JBL is one of those manufacturers that provide effective, reliable, and good-looking devices for cars, such as speakers.

With incredible 300 Watts of power, the 3-way speakers included in this set work perfectly with a 2-ohm impedance. Ideally, you’d want to back up the speakers with a factory or head-unit amplifier, as these devices will get the most optimum performance out of the speakers.

Also, the speakers feature Plus One woofer cone, which has a rubber around it. By allowing the speakers to radiate more air, the Plus One feature guarantees an increased cone area for your music. Another feature you may enjoy is the adjustable Mylar-titanium tweeter.

The installation is quite simple, requiring less time than most other speakers. Furthermore, purchasing an adapter makes the whole process much easier, as it helps saving time, effort, and money.

However, you may face some issues with the lack of some components. For instance, previous customers have reported that their speakers arrived with no wiring at all, which could be a lot of trouble for some. Keep that in mind before purchasing and be ready to take care of these problems.

Once installed, the speakers are outstanding. By offering a sensitivity of 94 dB, and frequency ranges between 45 to 21 kHz, the sound quality is clear and with no distortions in the slightest.

Regardless of what music you're listening to, be it heavy metal, rap, or rock, you can expect the sound to be of high-quality.


  • Compatible with most factory brackets
  • Powerful performance at 300 Watts from each speaker
  • Equipped with the highly customizable Mylar-titanium tweeter
  • The super tweeter features a level control


  • Some reports of missing wiring

With 420 watts of peak power, there’s barely anything these speakers can’t do. Coming from the Stage Series, created by a well-renown brand such as JBL, these speakers manage to deliver a power output that quickly overshadows the competition. Even better, the price is pretty good too!

These speakers fall into the 3-way class system category, which provides many benefits for every car owner out there. Once installed, they’ll be able to enjoy music pleasantly due to the speaker’s wide frequency response.

Granted, on some occasions, you may notice some distortions. This issue occurs when you crank up the volume, which is less than ideal for some people. That’s why many people consider the JBL Stage 9603 as a good replacement or a decent upgrade to their systems.

Despite that little issue, everything else about the speaker is great. Every tool needed for the installation comes included in the purchase, which also includes optional grilles. Upon receiving the package, you’ll be able to get the accessories out of the box and head straight to your car to install them.

Other than delivering plenty of power output, the speakers do a remarkable job while playing bass. The cone coverage area ensures sound disperses through the car, which lets us enjoy the music as it should be.

It may have some distortion, but that issue doesn’t happen too regularly. With an incredible peak power, durable construction, great bass sound, and high-quality on both high or low volume, these speakers come as an affordable pick suitable for a lot of people.


  • Powerful peak performance
  • Includes dedicated woofer and tweeter
  • The audio quality from the bass is remarkable
  • Comes with every tool and accessory needed for the installation
  • Proper high-frequency response


  • Noticeable distortion with cranked-up volume

One clear reason to get these speakers is that they pay themselves, basically. Pioneer manages to create high-quality accessories for your vehicle that, besides delivering a great performance, are also affordable.

The quality of the speakers is visible since the moment you lay your eyes on them. They’re aesthetically pleasing, meaning that they will fit well in most vehicles without issues. Other than looking great, you can also expect them to last a pretty long time.

These speakers are available in different settings, which include 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way. The latter is the most expensive, although it’s a valuable choice that doesn’t disappoint. With either one, you’ll have the option to enjoy clear vocals, guitar riffs, drums, and many more harmonies.

Whether the speakers are playing mid and high notes, the quality of sound comes crystal clear. Also, bass lines come off surprisingly deep, which allows us to blast our favorites songs and enjoy every bit of them.

These speakers feature multi-layer mica-matrix woofers. Even on high volume, the rigidity of the woofers remains intact, which comes in handy as it’ll reduce issues like distortion. Lower distortion, ultimately, means clean sounds from instruments like the bass.

Although the speakers sound incredible while running on a factory head unit, they put up their best performance with an aftermarket head unit, or through an outboard amplifier.

So, that’s pretty much everything there’s to know about these speakers. You can still use them without an amplifier, but getting one certainly improves the sound quality. Of course, that’s up to you to decide.


  • Available in different settings to meet your demands
  • Good-looking set of speakers
  • Plays clean audio quality, whether it’s on low or high volume
  • Bass audio quality comes off perfectly


  • The speakers need an amplifier to display their best performance

The following speakers feature a 3-way class build, making them another clear example of coaxial speakers at an affordable price. They work with plenty of power output, reaching a peak capacity of 400 Watts, and 45 Watts of RMS.

Thanks to the 3-way built, the speakers provide perfectly balanced sound on both sides of the spectrum, be it high or low. The lows, for instance, work with the speakers’ Mica cone woofer for better quality. Also, the poly-ether mid dome tweeter delivers perfect balance for crisp highs.

Another particularly interesting feature is the hybrid composite surround, a good addition to help with reverberations optimization.

Both speakers feature low impedance, making them convenient to fit well into a wide variety of cars, be it old or new. The lower impedance compensates for the resistance of the wiring’s quality seen in vehicles manufactured quite some time ago.

Due to the lightweight and compact design, the installation shouldn’t be a problem. The quality of the materials used to build the speakers is also quite good, allowing them to withstand regular use and remain in good shape for many years. Overall, this set of speakers delivers on many fronts.

Sadly, there are some slight inconveniences when it comes to these speakers. They put up a decent performance, but the speakers aren’t that good for bass. Don’t expect to have that vibrating performance during the bass of your favorite songs, because they won’t deliver that.

If that’s not something that concerns you, then, by all means, go ahead and try these speakers. They won’t disappoint.


  • Affordable price
  • Durable build for regular use
  • Delivers good sound quality in both high and low volume
  • Powerful 400 Watts performance, delivering 45 Watts RMS
  • Lightweight and compact design thus easy to install


  • These speakers aren’t the best for bass

These are among the most popular 6x9 car speakers out there, and their sales clearly prove that. For the price, the KFC-6965S from Kenwood is a solid pair of speakers that deliver sound and music with plenty of details and high quality.

The speakers feature a 3-way build, which is convenient for a lot of reasons. For example, this build guarantees that the speakers will provide high-quality sound from three devices: woofer, mid-range, and through the tweeter drivers. Each one of them works best in specific frequency ranges.

It’s because of that reason that these speakers are so efficient at what they do. They have their focus on a specific given range, allowing them to produce sound clearly and with more accuracy. That doesn’t happen with drivers with a general-purpose that work on all audio frequencies instead.

The sensitivity rating of the speakers is pretty good, going as high as 92 dB. Also, since they’re capable of handling a remarkable power of 45 RMS watts, the speakers work well with either low or high-powered stereo systems.

Another benefit of the speakers’ efficiency is that they’re compatible with stock or aftermarket head unit. Thanks to that, the sound quality played will be very high, and it can only get better due to the speakers’ capacity to operate with an external amp.

Once installed, the speakers work incredibly. However, getting there may be a little tricky. If you have no experience, you may find that the instructions aren’t as clear as you’d expect. Extra guidelines may be necessary to get the job done without messing up anything.


  • A powerful set of 400W 3-way speakers
  • Polypropylene woofer cone guarantees great sound quality
  • For the price, the speakers’ performance is decent
  • Good bass and sound quality


  • The instructions included in the purchase aren’t that clear

The edge-driven design is among the best features these speakers have to offer. It allows the tweeters to deliver crystal clear sound through high-pitched frequencies. On the other hand, the rigid glass fiber offered by the bass woofer provides a good beat with no muffling or distortion at all.

One particular benefit of these speakers is the innovative UniPivot apparatus. This feature makes it possible to focus the sound to a specific area, be it to your ears, or anywhere else in the vehicle. It comes in handy when you want to focus the sound on you or take it away from you.

Even better, the UniPivot apparatus allows to crank up the volume without using a ton of power.

The speakers feature 2.5-ohms for better and improved sound output. You won’t have compatibility issues because these accessories will fit well in most cars.

Very much like the other products reviewed here, the Infinity Kappa 93iX also offers ultra-high sensitivity to work with a factory radio or aftermarket stereo. However, its best performance comes from outboard amp feeding, as it’ll receive more power to blast the music just like you want it.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect. If you own specific vehicles such as the 2016 Dodge Ram, which features the Alpine system, the installation may not be as easy as with other cars. Before setting up the speakers, you’d have to do plenty of modifications to ensure they fit it properly.

Once you get past that problem, you’ll be able to enjoy your music in the highest quality, all thanks to these speakers.


  • Edge-driven design for the tweeter and super-tweeter
  • Woofers included feature Plus One+ Technology for optimum performance
  • Incredible power handling, regardless of the system
  • Includes grilles


  • Some cars may need modifications before installing

The following set of speakers is a budget-friendly alternative that, while they work great, some flaws are clearly noticeable. We’ll get to that later. First, let’s talk about the benefits of going for the Infinity PR9613IS.

Similar to its previous products, Infinity adds a soft dome tweeter featuring edge-driven technology, which provides better response and barely any distortion on high volume. Also, the super-tweeter included in the 3-way speaker guarantees a clear and more defined sound quality.

Another feature you may recognize is the Plus One+ Technology. Thanks to that particular component, the speakers have a wider cone, allowing the audio to cover more surface area. Even better, a larger cone often means better quality for the bass.

The speakers feature a 4-ohm architecture, which utilizes a low-impedance voice coil. Because of that, the speakers manage to get that extra power out of the factory radio, aftermarket stereo, or even the amplifier. Without a doubt, a strong and clear sound is something these speakers provide easily.

Car owners will also appreciate the accessories and tools included in the package with the speakers. For example, you’ll get 2 grilles, eight 2-inch screws, a template, the installation manual, and many other items to get the best out of the speakers.

Everything sounds great, right? Even then, previous customers reported having frustrating issues with the speakers. Most noticeably, they said the speakers suffer distortion when used on high volume. Though that’s not a regular issue, you may have to deal with it too.

Still, considering the price, that’s a small problem that we can let slide.


  • Edge-driven tweeter technology for better response and low distortion
  • Plus One+ Tech delivers solid bass quality
  • Low-impedance voice coil gets the best out of a radio, stereo, or amplifier
  • Plenty of accessories included in the package


  • Customers reported distortion while playing music on high levels

Albeit simple, the aesthetic design of these speakers makes them look pretty good once installed. They feature a sleek and flat-black design, which also includes glossy dome tweeters. The design of the tweeters is yet another interesting feature, as it allows the speakers to fit in most cars.

Each one of the speakers comes with a propylene woofer cone, which is responsible for delivering strong drums and bass. Additionally, this feature guarantees high-quality audio in midrange frequencies. Thus, your music will play with detailed notes and proper transitions between every bit.

The speakers work with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene grilles, or ABS, which is a thermoplastic necessary for both industrial and marine applications. In this case, the ABS grilles guarantee long-lasting performance. Also, the grilles let you customize the speakers to fit the car.

Another feature that secures the speaker’s durability is the stamped stainless steel basket. These baskets are rustproof, which makes them suitable to withstand marine conditions. Even then, these speakers don’t have approval for usage in vehicles such as boats.

Also, the speakers aren’t waterproof, which may limit the applications you have for them.

Still, considering our purpose is to install them in a car, you can expect the speakers to work efficiently for many years to come. Some conditions apply, of course. For instance, the newest car models may not be compatible with the speakers, which could be a problem.

As long as the speakers are compatible with your vehicle, you can trust they will put up a good performance playing your favorite music in high-quality.


  • Purchase includes every component for an easy installation
  • Stainless steel basket improves the durability
  • Amplifiers are not necessary to play your music at a good level
  • Decent audio quality to enjoy your music


  • The speakers, although durable, are not waterproof

What to Look for Before Buying?

Considering there are plenty of features to consider before purchasing 6x9 speakers, we've created a list detailing the most important elements you must keep in mind.

If you choose wisely, you can expect your speakers to deliver high-quality sound on all volume, frequencies, and, more importantly, they'll be able to entertain you for a long time.

  • Power Capacity

The measurement used to describe the speaker's power consumption is in Watts. The higher the watts, the more power will the speakers handle. Of course, power consumption affects other features like the volume and quality of the music played.

Having said that, while purchasing 6x9 speakers, you'd do better focusing on the RMS, also called root mean square, wattage instead of the peak wattage. RMS is an accurate measurement of the speaker's power consumption.

The RMS wattage is also a good indicator of whether or not you'll need an amplifier. If the speaker system offers low RMS, an external amplifier may not be necessary. On the other hand, higher RMS wattage speakers could definitely use the external amplifier.

At this point, it's worth pointing out that the speakers offer a specific power handling depending on two measurements, which are the RMS that we discussed above, and the Peak, or MAX power.

One way to describe RMS would be that it's the amount of power than the speaker can handle at a continuous rate. As for the peak power, that's a measurement for the amount of power the speakers will be able to handle during short bursts.

As you search for your ideal speaker, the RMS power rating is the one measurement that you want to consider above the rest. After all, continuous performance is the most ideal thing to expect from a car speaker.

  • Sensitivity Rating

The sensitivity rating of a speaker refers to a measurement described in decibels, which you can obtain through a microphone or the connected SPL,

What does that mean? It's quite simple. With a higher sensitivity rating, the speaker will play the music louder using a certain amount of wattage power.

Some speakers feature 81 dB of sensitivity, approximately, which means that they only need one watt of power to provide a decent listening level.

Ideally, you'd want a speaker with a sensitivity of 88 dB, since that's the average. Anything less than that is less than ideal, as many would consider it poor sensitivity.

  • Impedance

If you want to know whether or not you'll be needing an external amplifier, check out the impedance offered by the speakers.

The higher the impedance, often called ohms, the more power will the speakers need to play music at the same level of volume.

Nonetheless, speakers with high impedance tend to be better with amplifiers, as they require less baseline power to operate. On the other hand, speakers with low impedance may be more demanding on the amplifier, especially during continuous use.

Either way, you must always make sure that both ohms, from the speakers and the amplifier, match with each other.

  • Design and Materials

Before making your purchase, you should also consider two important features – the design of the speakers and the materials used for their build. Here's what you must keep in mind.

  • Woofer

The woofer determines the responsiveness and overall quality of each speaker. If the woofer features stiff and lightweight materials, then the speaker will be more effective.

Polypropylene is among the most common materials used to create the cone, just like woven fabrics like Kevlar. Other materials often seen in high-end speakers are aluminum and titanium.

The woofer and materials used to produce the speakers vary between brands, but the ones mentioned here are the most common due to how effective they are. While looking for the best 6 by 9 speakers, you’d do well to consider these materials and design.

  • Woofer Surrounding

The woofer surround is yet another element that often goes unnoticed, but it still has a big impact on both the speaker system and the sound quality.

In this case, manufacturers tend to use lightweight materials that move freely and easily, which also means the woofer will require less energy than usual. Additionally, the woofer’s surrounding material is also responsible for the lifespan of the speaker, as it affects its durability.

Over time, the humidity levels and possible tearing can damage the woofer's surroundings. If you want to avoid that as much as possible, you’d have to consider purchasing speakers with rubber surrounding, which is the most common material due to its long-lasting properties and performance.

Alternatively, less expensive speakers feature foam surroundings, which are less effective, and you can easily tell the difference. This surrounding material delivers a low-quality performance and a shorter lifespan when compared to the other materials used to create this feature.

  • Summing Up

Although the points discussed here may not seem to have an impact on the sound’s quality, the reality is that they do affect the car speaker’s performance.

The 6x9 speakers manage to deliver the perfect balance between all of those elements, which is why they’re so popular among car owners.

So, next time you’re considering to buy speakers, make sure to consider all of this information. If you do, not only will you be able to enjoy your music at the highest quality, but you will also be able to do it for a long time too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why purchase 6 by 9 car speakers?

The best 6x9 car speakers are capable of delivering high-quality sound to hear your music in the most detailed and beautiful way possible. Thanks to the perfect blend of capabilities, performance, and build design, no other speakers are capable of comparing to these.

Another benefit of having 6x9 speakers is that they're easy to install. Yes, sometimes, they may need some modifications, but with enough time and patience, you'll be able to sort it out.

  • Do I need an amp for my 6X9 speakers?

The answer to this question depends a lot on how you wish to enjoy your music. In some cases, the 6x9 speakers don't necessarily need an amplifier. They'll perform great without amp systems, playing your music in the best quality possible.

However, if you do want that extra power, an amplifier system may be necessary. It all depends on your personal preference.

  • What are the best 6x9 speakers without amp?

Adding an amplifier to your speakers certainly helps to improve both the audio and volume quality. In some cases, like the Pioneer TS-A6970R, an amplifier is a must. However, other speakers work incredibly well without an amp.

Such is the case of the Kicker 43DSC69304, the JBL Stage 9603, and several other speakers reviewed here.

  • Do 6x9 speakers give good bass?

Yes, 6x9 speakers are capable car accessories that provide good sound quality for bass. Whether it's on a high or low volume, the bass lines are clear, and there aren't any distortions either.

Of course, that's not always the case, which is why you must be careful to pick the most ideal 6x9 speakers depending on your needs.

  • Where and how do I install 6X9 car speakers?

You'll be able to install the 6x9 speakers in places like the door or the rear deck. The process is very simple.

Make sure you have the right tools. Depending on the vehicle, you may need different sized tools.

Once you have everything ready, start disassembling, putting the parts organized in a specific place. Whether you’re using aftermarket wire or factory wiring, proceed to connect it to the speaker’s terminals.

In this phase, you can either connect the wire and then mount the speaker, or mount the speaker and then connect the wire. With the latter method, you’d be able to cut the wire that you won’t need from underneath.

Before putting everything back together, test the speakers to see if they’re working perfectly. If that’s the case, assemble back the parts you disassembled earlier, and that’s it.

Final Words

As you can see, choosing the ideal speaker for your car and installing it isn't as hard as it may seem at first. It may take you some time if you have no experience doing that kind of job before, but most of the time, the instructions are pretty straightforward.

After installing it, you'll quickly see why the best 6x9 speaker is the perfect addition to your car. While on the road, you'll be able to enjoy the music at an incredible quality while getting that sweet sound of the bass at max capacity.

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