Best Alpine Car Speakers | 2020 (The Honest Reviews)

The in-car audio system first introduced in the world in 1965, which was a contrivance of ford and Motorola. Ever since then, the car audio system has been running.

You may not understand what you are missing if you don’t use a brand. When you reach a premium brand speaker, you have a desire to hear the excellent sound, clarity of voice, luminous pitch, clear bass and distinctive level of music when you are on track with your car.

And you know that most of the factory speaker rarely can furnish your demand.when you like to enjoy rock music or playing rap.

Alpine is an electronic manufacturing company of japan working in this field for more than 5o years, and it becomes the first choice among the vehicle owner who wants to make a stride their car stereo.

This brand not only produces best alpine speakers, but it also manufactures specialized navigation unit, amplifiers, subwoofers A/V unit and many more for vehicles.

When you are considering to buy a speaker, the issue of scratching should be considered. Though it is slightly expensive like polkdB and pioneer A series which invest more in their look and feel, this may somewhat disappointed in some alpine speaker.

 Ok, without further turmoil​let's jump into our top 7 alpine car speaker reviews and try to find out the best one for you.

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Reviews of best alpine speakers for music lovers!

1.  Alpine S-S65 6.5-inch best car speaker for bass

​Do you know why we took it first on our list? Because the Alpine type S speakers are one of the best and high-quality products by alpine brand. Some unique features make it accessible and user-friendly.

You will get natural and lifelike sound from these series audio speakers. The maximum adult car owner wants a speaker who is looking stylish. For your kind information, the Alpine SPR-68 is one of them that means stylish and good looking’s one.

The power handling capacity: It handles up to 80 watts RMS (240 watts peak power). High power handling capacity ensures excellent performance in a long time with accurate sound. It has Tweeter swivels to control your sound, and you can optimize as like as want.

Multi-Layer carbon fibre cone helps to deliver a robust bass response without any hassle. One more good features are the “super easy installation system” so you can install it by yourself.


  • Great sound quality that will provide you a smooth song.
  • Tweeters are not too bright that you find in some cheaper speaker
  • The bass is adequate enough so that you need no extra.
  • It can function even without being connected to a power source, making it extremely portable.
  • It is designed beautifully and has a solid construction
  • The woofer cone is reinforced by carbon fiber makes the sound crystal clear with a very good bass


  • It requires a little mounting modification

​The Alpine gives an excellent opportunity for every car audio lover. The R series speaker line up was designed to be played loudly and deliver an outstanding listening experience. 

This series of speakers can deliver natural sound and good bass. The high power handling capacity and long-lasting quality make it the most popular.

The most exciting and exclusive technology of this series is the use of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, Which is high strength and lightweight materials and were used to reduce the resonance as the fibre aligns in the same direction of the curve of the cone. It also increases the dynamic range and mid-bass performance

It has an excellent Power handling capacity: 100 watts RMS (300 watts peak power). Frequency response: 65-29,000 Hz. Sensitivity: 88 dB. Top-mounting depth: 2-3/8. These speakers are very easy to install, and you can do it yourself without extra waste money.

The last word about alpine spins 10s and steps 10 “according to our research, you can buy without more thinking”. If you want to know more information, please visit Amazon and search alpine type R series car speakers. You may know that many people leave their opinion who use these stereo systems and how it feels.


  • It is a solid and high-quality speaker that can give you amazing sound
  • Made with carbon fiber polymer that can give you resonance-free sound
  • It has a deep and full bass,so no need extra.


  • Tricky to install as the woofer and tweeter should installed separately and wire the crossovers

3.  Alpine SXE-1750S 6.5" 560W Car 2 Way Component Audio Speakers (Pair)

Alpine 6.5-inch Car audio 2-way Component Speaker System (Pair) is one of the most popular and best selling car speakers in the alpine brand. The alpine 6.5-inch Car audio 2-way Component Speaker System (Pair) is better than any other coaxial stereo system.

 The new unique design makes it stylish and the best choice for an adult car owner. A few days ago, my best friend John set up these speakers in his car and told me about impressive performance.

Many speakers can sound loud, but few speakers have balance, and it is one of them. This speaker may be a reliable choice to upgrade your car audio system. You can optimize sound as you like to hear.

 You should not pay any extra money for installation; you can do it for yourself. The great thing is that you can get a high coming through a thick layer of bass without having a woofer.

The tweeter comes with mylar titanium balanced material that produces high-quality sound. Alpine engineers developed a Wave Guide for delivering great sound with little distortion. Peak Power handling capacity 560(watts) and RMS 45 watts() 90 watts in each pair)


  • ​It gives you a fantastic sound that makes your journey smooth.
  • ​Speaker surrounded by the polymer foam


  • ​Bass is not up to the mark

4.  Alpine SPS-610 6.5-Inch 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

If your budget is relatively low, you may want to consider this Alpine SPS-610 speaker.

They come with mineral fortified polypropylene cone, which makes it petty but stark and allows to deliver clear highs and mids. This property makes it different than others.

It will not be your first choice if you are looking for strong bass. Otherwise, sound quality and voice clarity in your car would be looking good.

It is surrounded by a snapping rubber pad, which keeps the subwoofers in a center for accurate movement of the cone and prevents distortion.


Design:  S type ​Coaxial type

  Power Handling capacity :

                       RMS: 80 watts

                       Peak: 240 watts

 Weight: 4.8 pound

  Top-mount depth: 2-1/4″

​ Size: 6.5 inch


  • It gives you a fantastic sound that makes your journey smooth.
  • Speaker surrounded by the polymer foam and prevent distortion of sound.


  • ​The bass is not stable. enough

5.  Alpine SPE-6000 6.5" 2-Way Speakers

When you found that your right speaker for your lovely car was dead, then you will be seeking a perfect replacement with little cost and bang for the buck. Alpine SPE 6000 is the ideal replacement here and 

Music production through them makes you please; they are easy to replace so that you can install it by yourself. This speaker can give you a sense of sound as if it were a home theatre.

These speakers feature a soft dome tweeter sleek lightweight grille with a wide range of frequency response. That makes them a considerable upgrade over most of the factory speakers.

This two way coaxial speakers are capable of putting out a significant amount of power and thanks to their lightweight injected pearl mica polypropylene cone while 3 and ¼ inch silk dome tweeter driven by a neodymium magnet forces all of your high in place of the traditional round wire.

It uses square wire for its voice coil, which offers a higher volume.


Brand : Alpine E series

Power handling:

                   Peak: 480 watts

                   RMS  : 120 watts

Mounting depth:   2-3/8”

Weight 3.9 pound


  • Features with grille covers
  • Surrounded by rubber keeps the cone in center


  • Bass not so powerful and you need a subwoofer to get it.

Benefits of getting alpine speakers

There is no doubt that alpine is the most expensive brand among all speakers for the vehicle. It usually features a luxury brand car like BMW, Mercedez. So, you can ask why you need alpine, and the answer is follows

  • Boost your sound system

You can get the better sound quality and deep base just using a premium brand car speaker. Don’t be panic that you need to change the entire sound system. You can set up this high quality alpine door speakers to improve music tone and sound essence. You can have a wide bass and high frequency music that you have hardly heard before.

  • Change the interior and music

Adding the best brand alpine speakers give you interior a different look and bring luxury to your vehicle. Outstanding tweeter and subs give you a superb design at the expense of reasonable cost. You can set up these alpine speakers in a suitable position as the desired location of your car from where you can enjoy a melodious song.

  • Reform Quality sound

When you decide to get quality sound, you should rely on alpine speakers, whether it is alpine component speakers or coaxial. Whether the question comes about the clarity and tones of sound alpine s series would be a better choice. It would let you hear radio and podcasts as well.

Final Verdict:

Are you want to upgrade your car speakers for good sound? If you read this article than I can understand that you need speakers. For your help, we collected 3 best alpine car audio speakers. Without further thinking, buy one and set up on your vehicles. Enjoy your music with alpine speakers and be rocked.