Best Car Speakers Brand Reviews In 2020

New and high-end speakers can bring your music back to life. If you have never bought speakers for your car, it is so typical to feel overwhelmed. This guide will give you the best car speakers brand in 2020, so you can listen to music with high-quality sound on all your trips.

Every day, more components are gaining importance, but some are decisive for the purchase decision. Music lovers love to update their sound system regularly. This will allow them to have the best updates regarding their car’s system. While improving it, you will get a clear and nice sound, and above all, with great quality.

We bring you a guide with eight of the most dominant brands on the market. In addition, we get you a complete purchase guide, so your decision will be based on obtaining results with your purchase. You will get the best in the market so that it will exceed your expectations.

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Finding a speaker that gives you everything you have ever dreamed of is not always a fabulous experience. We bring you eight of the high-quality brands so you can choose without any fear.

JL Audio C2-650X Evolution Series

Key features

  • Manufacturer: JL Audio
  • Type of Speaker: Woofer
  • The speaker size is 6.5 inches
  • The power output is 100 watts
  • Feature: 2-way
  • The JL Audio will allow you to have a clear sound when listening to your favorite playlists. These mid-range speakers will adjust to your needs while giving you clear sound on all melodies.

    You will have a 2-way speaker, measuring 6.5 inches. This measurement is standard, so you will not have to focus too much on whether it fits or not. These woofers are designed with polypropylene, along with injection-molded mica padding. Besides, it has a butyl rubber edge. You can have a range of 15 to 60 watts RMS, with an impedance of 4 ohms.

    These JL audio speakers will allow you to install them in almost any type of car since it has the standard measurement. You can update the speakers without having to take it to an expert; you will become one. You can listen to all kinds of music at a fairly high volume, but nothing annoying and clean.


    • The speakers will provide you with incredible sounds at medium-high volume.
    • They work perfectly together with a standard radio amplifier.
    • They have an excellent delivery, fast and without complications.
    • Depending on the type of car you have, they could sound better than the originals.


    • Installation could take several hours the first time you do it in your life.
    • Taking out the old speaker could be a hassle.

    Pyle 4” x 6” Three Way Sound Speaker

    Key features

    • Manufacturer: Pyle
    • Has the 3-way sound system
    • Midrange audio
    • Speaker Type: Woofer
    • Its maximum power output is 240 watts
    • It has a 1” high-temperature ASV Voice coil

    Pyle’s speaker system gives you three 4-inch x 6-inch channels. It incorporates a blue polyethylene injection cone that will allow you to listen to your music at full power. You will have a clear and excellent sound at a competitive price.

    You will have a woofer type speaker, only 3.4 pounds. You will have a Triax speaker system with a one-inch ASV voice coil. Therefore, you can use it in situations of high temperature and high power. It also has a maximum of 240 watts to use it in your stereo.

    These speakers can exceed your expectations in sound and quality. Besides sounding great, they also look perfectly good. These speakers serve and are the best option to put as replacements for your factory speaker. They will sound the same or better than the ones you had. You can notice the difference considerably.


    • Its butyl rubber will allow you to keep your speakers safe.
    • You will have a much longer useful life thanks to its butyl rubber.
    • It will ensure low distortion and maintain a much better sound.
    • It will bring you a blue poly injection cone.
    • It includes Grills, Wires And Mounting Hardware


    • It could give you a low-frequency that could leave a lot to be desired.

    JBL GTO Series

    Key features

    • It is 25-180 watts of power
    • Type of speaker: Coaxial
    • It includes a woofer-cone technology
    • Its model is GTO629
    • It has a 53 Hz sound clarity

    These JBL GTO speakers are low impedance. Also, having three ohms will help compensate for all the undersized cables found in most automobiles. It has a high-quality crossover component. In addition, they are dedicated to 12dB. They will be able to direct with the highs and lows on the speakers in an excellent way.

    The dimensions of these speakers are 5-1/16-inch mounting cutout diameter. Plus, you will have a 2-inch deep mount. Its external diameter is 6-1/4 inches. It also has a dual-level tweeter volume adjustment, which allows us to compensate for the location of the speakers.

    These speakers have features that can exceed your expectations. It gives you plus one cone fully injected with carbon. These are much larger than the standards, will have much more air, and produce much more bass sounds.


    • It has a carbon-composite non-magnetic frame
    • It has plus one cone larger than its class.
    • Thanks to its patented UniPivot tweeter, it will allow you to aim the sound at your ears.
    • It could be configured to suit user preferences.


    • The connection may not be compatible with different cars.

    Rockford Fosgate series

    Key features

    • Manufacturer: Rockford Fosgate
    • The speaker size is 6x9 inches
    • Its pattern name is single
    • It has a vacuum polypropylene cone,
    • It has a rubber surround

    Rockford Product 4 is the R169x2 model. This speaker is full range. It provides you 6-inch x 9-inch 2-way. Also, you will have a nominal power of 65 watts. Also, it will be governed by RMS so that you get a new generation of factory replacement speakers.

    You will have a kit with a high pass crossover. Besides, you will have integrated and mounting hardware to install it easily. Includes rubber edge to avoid any damage. Also, it has a stamped steel basket to prevent damage.

    This speaker is perfect to use as a replacement for factory speakers. It includes polypropylene cones for durability. In addition, they include grilles so that it has a look as good as the sound you will have. Also, thanks to its crossover, you can hide it inside the basket. This will allow you to have a cleaner appearance.


    • Gives you included mounting racks and hardware.
    • It has materials designed to withstand a wide variety of environments.
    • You will have a well-built product.
    • The lengths of speaker cables are quite long.


    • This speaker needs 1 12V battery
    • The design could interfere with the capacity of the main controllers.

    Alpine Type-E Series

    Key features

    • Manufacturer: Alpine
    • It is a black speaker
    • Its sensitivity is 90 dB
    • It has an RMS power of 45 watts per pair
    • Its frequency response is 60Hz - 20,000Hz

    The Alpine speaker gives you a clear and loud sound when listening to your favorite music. You can increase the power and level the equalizer settings as you go along with them. You will have a set of speaker components at an exceptional price. Therefore, the Alpine speaker will be like a coaxial.

    Alpine’s speakers are 6.5 inches. You will have a 2-way component speaker. Also, you can find an RMS power of 90 watts each. Its peak power is watts each pair. In case you are looking for a different sound, you have to take into consideration its 90 dB sensitivity.

    The Alpine speaker gives you a high volume that you will be impressed with the quality compared to the factory ones. You can combine it with different amplifiers to get what you need in terms of sound. You can also include a subwoofer to have an exceptional balance.


    • The maximum power output is 560 watts
    • It is an excellent price for the quality you get.
    • You can use a 45w amplifier to have a much higher volume.
    • You will have speakers with much better quality than the factory ones.


    • Some people express that the low and mid lows may not be as pleasant to your ears.

    Pioneer TS

    Key features

    • Manufacturer: Pioneer
    • Its model is TS-F1634R
    • It is a 2-way speaker
    • Its power is 200w with full range car audio
    •  The impedance is 4-ohms

    These speakers incorporate four tabs with some holes to make the installation work more comfortable. You will have a great upgrade option, with a delightful sound.

    The Pioneer speaker gives you full, high-range speakers. You will have a two-way audio level with a power of 200w. Also, the TSF1634R model is black to be able to combine with your car in an easy and fast way. This model is an excellent option to replace any type of factory speakers in your car.

    One of the characteristics is the sound quality. You will have bright highs and decent lows, but profound. They are not expensive at all, and for the sound, you will get it is something valuable.


    • They are easy to install; you will not need more than an adapter
    • You will have a one year warranty.
    • You will have decent highs and lows.


    • The wireless remote is not included.

    Polk Audio db651

    Key features

    • They are coaxial speakers with two channels included
    • It has a power of 360 watts per pair
    • It is woofer-type with a cone filled with mineral polymer composite.
    • Has high pass and low pass filters

    The DB651 mode is Polk brand. It provides you with optimized Klipperl components to provide you with a uniform, clear sound without any distortion. In addition, it can withstand the harshest environments in the water.

    These speakers will give you a power of 360 watts. They are woofer-style with a polymer composite dome tweeter. It also has a 25mm Kapton voice coil former and includes two low-mass layers.

    This product is your best option because it gives you a rigid, light lens, but with great sound quality. Moreover, its wheel-inspired styling allows for greater durability against other standard products.


    • Includes 6-3 / 4 inch adapter rings
    • You can make adjustments to VW, BWM, Audis, among other types of cars
    • It has a technology called Dynamic Balance Driver, which allows a sound without distortion.
    • It includes a warranty


    • Depending on the damage to your speakers, they may be liable for the warranty.

    Kenwood KFC-1695PS

    Key features

    • Manufacturer: Kenwood
    • It is a surround sound
    • Its main color is black
    • It is a 3-way
    • The power handling is 320 watts

    Kenwood is a renowned brand of speakers. It is characterized by providing you with quality products at an excellent price. It gives you very good treble sounds and superior quality medium sounds. You will have the ability to add a subwoofer if you wish.

    Its main characteristics are that it gives you a 6 1/2 series performance. Plus, it gives you 75 watts of RMS power handling. The frequency response is 75-20,000Hz.

    This option is excellent for people looking for unmatched sound quality. It is one of your best options for the value for money you will get. In addition, it is excellent that you have three routes since it gives you everything you need.


    • It includes a paper cone, a paper cone tweeter, and a super ceramic tweeter
    • It gives you a sensitivity of 88dB.
    • It's an excellent speaker option at a bargain price.
    • It gives you a guarantee against any possible problem.


    • They will not cause you a shake of the ground with the loud sound it gives you

    When you decide to buy a speaker, you will always look for nothing but the best. You must consider specific points, keep them in mind, and analyze them before any purchase. So, you can get the perfect speaker that matches in every way.

    • choose type of speakers

    You must analyze what type of speakers you are going to buy. There are the woofer, subwoofer, midrange, and tweeters.

    Woofer: This type of speaker can reproduce frequencies from low to midrange. Generally, they are lightweight and have polypropylene as their primary material.

    Subwoofer: These are necessary when you need lower sounds. They tend to provide you below 180 hertz. They are 8 to 15 inches, so they are usually not that big. These speakers are characterized by giving serious but clean sounds. Besides, they will help you to make the rhythms of your drums jump.

    Midrange: These speakers are even smaller, usually measuring between 3.5-6.5 inches. It gives you the middle range of the sound spectrum. Most instruments tend to play at this frequency.

    Tweeters: Here, you will have only high notes. You can hear all the nuances of the tones, without having any loss or distortion in the sound. In terms of size, these are the smallest, but you will have a spectacular sound.

    • sensitivity

    Sensitivity will let you know how much sound a speaker emits based on the power applied to it. This point is measured in decibels. It would be best if you look for high sensitivity when you have a low power car. You could choose a sensitivity of 90 dB or more. On the other hand, if you have a high power system, you should consider the lowest sensitivity you can. Thus, you will have an excellent balance for perfect sound quality.

    • Speaker size

    You are not going to buy a speaker that does not fit your car. You should focus on getting the right size. You should measure the old ones to be able to buy ones of the same size. Also, focus on the compatibility of the output of your audio system. If you do not, you should update it as well. Generally, the standard size is 6.5 inches. But, if you need something smaller, you could look for a 4x5.

    • Power handling

    You can measure the power by RMS or Watts Peak Power. This will let you know how much power you can count on. RMS helps you measure the maximum amount of energy your speaker can handle. You could damage your new speaker if you include more power than indicated. The amount of power it can handle is generally measured in watts. For example, if you have a low power stereo, you will require a system rated at around “2-50 watts RMS” and not “10-80 watts RMS”.

    • Acoustic

    You could base yourself on the type of favorite music you have. Depending on this, you could base yourself on high or low tones. However, if you like everything, and do not have a specific genre, you could opt for a balanced subwoofer. Thus, you can enjoy all the worlds.

    • Cost

    You do not always have to spend a lot of money to have the best quality. There are many speakers with a variable price. You will find from super expensive options to low budget speakers. You must decide on a budget and follow it; you will find an option that fits this.

    A perfect speaker will depend on the type of car you have. The speakers are in charge of bringing the music back to the life you will listen to in your car. Speakers vary from their size, shape, type, and other factors. Every day it gets harder to choose high-quality products due to so many options on the market.

    However, to choose the perfect speaker, you must focus on specific points. First, you should always focus on two functions that will allow you to have the best quality. Sensitivity helps to measure how much sound the speaker will emit depending on the power applied to it. When you get the right power, you have achieved excellent sound quality. The other point is energy management. This point will allow you to know how much energy a speaker can handle. Here, it would be best if you focused on RMS power handling to evaluate the best combination between stereo and another qualified system.

    The car will always have a voice in the process. It would be best if you thought about whether you choose coaxial or component speakers. You can easily select the coaxial ones since most of them are designed to fit precisely in the spaces intended for original speakers. Instead, the components could cost you a little more to install and find one that fits perfectly.

    To get the perfect speaker, you should look for an affordable price, but of great quality. Besides, it would help if you are looking for a speaker that provides ease of installation. You should focus on what type of speaker you need and the materials that are made. Speakers that give you impeccable sound quality that is not annoying at all, and that is affordable, will provide you with the perfect product.

    The front dash speakers can be adapted to the openings of your original dash. Therefore, these help you deliver perfect stereo sound out of its mono location. There are two styles of front dash speakers, the dual dash mount dash speaker, and a dual voice coil dash speaker.

    Depending on the vehicle where you will mount it, the dash speaker may come included with support for you to install it. The difference between the two is easy to see. A dual dash mount speaker measures around 3.5 and 4 inches mounted on an ABS plate and is a pair of speakers. On the other hand, a dual voice coil speakers, it is only a speaker that has two tweeters, directed for the left channel and the right channel.

    Door speakers give you different functionalities that you will love. With the door speakers, you can have a better quality sound, with a wide variety of sounds, starting from highs to lows.

    Generally, door speakers handle a high power output. In other words, you get a higher volume of music without causing any distortion. You can listen to music at the volume you want without affecting the quality.

    These door speakers come from and are manufactured by the best brands in the industry. These speakers come with protective grilles, and a rubber surround to protect them from any damage. Thus, to extend the useful life.

    Rear deck speakers are almost always difficult to access. There are those on the left side and those on the right. These are usually used in a lesser way than the front ones, but they mainly reproduce the music and allow you to hear the surround effects.

    Sometimes, these rear decks can be easily found and changed like dash speakers. But, other cars will force you to access the trunk or even remove the seat to find it.

    It is not necessary to maintain rear deck speakers, but if you want to experience truly immersive sound, you should leave them there and take care of them. If you decide not to use the rear deck speakers, the only real difference you can see compared to a stereo sound could be the improved bass.


  • How can you install your car speaker by yourself?
  • First, you must get all the tools. Any toolbox with a variety of them could be useful. If you want to avoid any electric shock, completely disconnect your battery. This will prevent any short circuit in your car. Next, you must remove some grill or panel that covers your speaker. Then, you must replace the old speaker. Now, you need to connect the new speaker and connect your horn’s wiring harness to your car’s harness. When you have everything very well connected, turn on the speakers.

    The sound of your car can be improved by finding the best car speakers brand in 2020. Just in that way, you can improve quality when listening to your favorite songs. Most cars come with a decent speaker included, but not enough to meet expectations.

    Fortunately, the market has excellent quality and quantity of suppliers with available speakers. This guide will help you find a replacement for your inferior quality original equipment. You can install it quickly, without suffering any damage or consequence.

    You will be fascinated by the amount of power and the firmness of the sound when transmitting it in your new speakers. For your convenience, we have included the pros and cons of each product of each brand. You will love being able to find only relevant and useful information for your purchase decision.