10 Best Car Speakers For Bass And Sound Quality (Reviews 2018)

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Hey! Do you bore with your current car speaker? Do you want to upgrade your car speakers for better sound and bass? If yes, you are in the right place because we wrote about best car speakers for bass and sound quality.

Many branded car speakers are available in a different marketplace, so find out preferable best sounding car speaker is a tough one. That’s why we took a step to help people who are really like to hear music in the car while driving or traveling. We believe that if you choose the right one, it will be a good buy for the money.

The Best Part: If you don’t know how to choose a best car speaker for bass and sound, the buying guide is bottom in the following post. A Video about How to install aftermarket car speakers on any car also there.

Before purchasing any kind of car speakers, you should keep in mind that every speaker does not deliver good sound and bass. Even some expensive car audio speakers also cannot deliver exact bass and sound which people expected. Be careful while buying any new set of car speakers otherwise your money will be lost.

How We Wrote This Article:

After many tests and research, we build a list of best car speakers for bass and sound quality. We follow a special method to filter the best product, firstly contact car audio specialist and took their opinion.

Secondly, meet a real user who uses these kinds of speakers and also visits many online marketplaces to know user reviews. Finally research, tests, real user experience and according to car audio experts, build a list of 10 single products.

Speaker NameRatingCheck Price
JBL CS763 Speaker4.4See Price
Polk Audio DB6501 Speaker4.2See Price
Polk Audio DB6501 Speaker5See Price
JBL GTO939 Speaker4.2See Price
Alpine SPR-69 SpeakerBe the first to review See Price
KICKER DS65 Speaker4.2See Price
Polk Audio DB1001Speaker4.5See Price
Pioneer TS-A1686R Speaker4.3See Price
BOSS Audio PC65.2C Speaker3.8See Price
Hertz Audio DCX 165.3 Speaker3.9See Price

JBL CS763– Best Car Speaker For Bass



JBL CS763 is 6.5 Inch 3-way car audio speakers who deliver smooth and accurate audio long time. Big, rich and detailed sound make this product most popular and best-selling.

The JBL CS763 deploys deep bass of a  Plus One® woofer cone and an edge-driven My-Ti™ super tweeter and produce extended high frequencies. It has a high-bandwidth, edge-driven textile-dome tweeter with a large voice coil for better sound and bass.

The Mylar-Titanium Super Tweeter helps to deliver great power handling ( 135 Watts peak and 45 Watts RMS power). It is a 6-½” (165mm) 3-way Car Audio Coaxial speaker, Balanced tweeter,Impedance 4 ohm, Sensitivity: 93 dB, Frequency response: 55-21,000 Hz.

The price of this speaker is within usual capability but not much such as awesome features. Some of the people called it best car speakers for bass, So you should not worry about audio quality.

Polk Audio DB6501– Best Sounding Car Speaker

Best car speakers for bass and sound

Polk Audio DB6501

Polk audio BD6501 is top rated and best sounding car speakers in the car speaker world. Maximum people like it because easy to fit in 6-1/2 inch and 6-3/4 inch applications with Adaptor Rings.

This speaker also provides placement flexibility in your vehicle because it has flush and surface mounts swivel cups. The 25 mm composite dome tweeter with neodymium magnet helps to deliver clear, detailed highs. You will get a big sound with little distortion and 6.5-inch woofers stiff yet lightweight.

25 mm two-layer Kapton voice coil ensures high power handling and great reliability (peak power: 600 Watts per set/300 Watts each and RMS: 200 Watts per set/ 100 Watts each).

Supplied adaptor ring helps to easily fit in any application from including VWs and Audis, BMWs and other European imports. You will get component system sound at a coaxial price because The 2nd order Butterworth outboard crossover helps to get from this best sounding car speakers. System specification: Frequency Response: 35Hz-23kHz, Impedance: 4 Ohms, Efficiency: 92 dB.

 Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6- High-Quality Car Speaker

high quality car speakers

2) Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6

The Rockford Fosgate pps4-6 is 6.5-inch midrange car loudspeaker engineered specifically for sound pressure level (SPL) condition. This highly efficient speaker developed for arena and stadium and system that’s why it can fill your car with natural and details midrange volume.

It has the over-sized motor structure and high-temperature voice coil for handle plenty of power. The Fiber reinforced high strength paper cone make it highly sensitive speaker.

The power handling capacity: 200 Watts MAX (800W per 4 pack)power and 100 Watts (400W per 4 pack)RMS power. Nominal Impedance: 4-Ohm and frequency response is 85 – 5,000 Hz.

You will get protected grilles and mounting hardware, Top-mount depth: 2-1/4″, Sensitivity: 92dB. Many people like the pps4-6 because this is also one of the best sounding car speakers. After many research, we can say that if you own it, money will not be waste

JBL GTO939Top Rated Car Speaker


The new JBL GTO939 is 6×9 Inch 3-way coaxial high-quality car audio speakers from JBL GTO Series. We all know that jbl produce some finest sound available for car speakers.

Especially GTO series speakers truly deliver stunning audio while the affordable price for everyone. This GTO939 includes some of jbl top tech. Its Plus One woofer cone has more surface area and Mylar/titanium composite tweeters helps to increase reduced distortion, increased efficiency

The JBL GTO939 speaker can be safely driven by any head unit. You can install it yourself easily without any special tools or additional modifications. Plus one woofer cone delivers high output and deep bass.

The power handling: 600 Watt peak power per pair(300W each) and 200 Watt RMS power per pair(100W each). Frequency response: 45-21,000 Hz, Impedance: 2 ohms, Sensitivity: 94 dB and Top-mount depth: 3″.

Alpine SPR-69 Best Coaxial Speakers

Alpine SPR-69

Alpine SPR-69

The Alpine SPR-69 is 6.9 Inch 2 way R series coaxial best sounding car speakers. Its new and unique design makes the most popular also high-efficiency speakers. New style grilles offer full woofer protection and deliver accurate sound long time. If you buy this speaker you will get a perfect balance of power and a smooth sound with no clarity

You will get a strong bass response with Multi-Layer hybrid fiber cone because this feature helps to deliver deep bass and natural sound. The High-Density polymer frames and 1″ Swiveling silk ring-dome tweeter produce smooth audio.

Power handling: 100 Watt peak  and RMS power per pair  100W each. Impedance: 4 ohms, Frequency Response: 60-29,000 Hz, Sensitivity: 90 dB and Top Mount depth: 2-7/8″ You will get better power handling with no clarity

[Important Note: Recommended power range: 5 – 125 watts RMS per channel]

 Kicker DS65- Best Car Speaker For The Money

Best Car Speaker For The Money

Kicker DS65

The kicker DS65 is 6.5 inches 2 way DS series coaxial car audio speakers are easy to install and fit into any vehicle doors. Many people choose it for the cheap price but deliver high-quality sound and bass.

Power handling: MAX 100 watts each speaker, RMS 50 watts each speaker

The woofers in this speaker, use a heavy-duty motor structure and Extended Voice Coil (EVCT) technology to deliver ultra-clean and deep bass. It also uses polypropylene cones with ribbed, UV-treated surrounds for high quality and natural optimum sound and the half inch, balanced-dome, polyetherimide tweeters gives outstanding definition.

If you want to cheap rated but best car speakers for the money, then the kicker DS65 one of the best forever. Maximum people satisfy to use this high-quality car speaker and recommend also. So we can say that without further thinking and waste time pick it and make your car booming.

Polk Audio DB1001- Marine Certified Speaker

marine certified Speakers

Polk Audio DB1001

If you want to hear smooth lovely high you can replace your old factory tweeters that can’t produce. It is really amazing and can give a solid sound in your face

Polk audio DB1001 stylish and bring superior looks with 25mm Silk/Polymer Composite Dome Tweeters. 180 watts maximum input power. You will get natural sound, clear and detailed high from Equipped with a neodymium magnet.

The Flush surface mount swivel cups allow you placement flexibility also has Electronic Tweeter Protection Circuit for long-term reliability and long lasting performance. It is also marine certified speakers so it built tough to stand against harshest environments.

Pioneer TS-A1686R– Best Car Speaker For Bass

Pioneer TS-A1686R

Pioneer TS-A1686R

The pioneer TS-A1686 is 6 1/2 Inch – 6 3/4 Inch A-Series 4-Way Coaxial Speakers and one of the best sounding car speakers by pioneer. Various kind of material uses to develop it to reproduce clear sound and outstanding sensitivity.

It also uses multilayer mica matrix cone that is rigid enough to produce smooth and subtle mids, deep bass, and natural audio. The pioneer TS-A1686 has heat-resistant voice coil for heat dissipation and makes it more durable, long lasting one.

The Protective speaker grilles included in this speaker. Power handling: 350 watts peak power per pair ( 175W each) and 120 watts RMS power per pair ( 60W each). Impedance: 4ohm, Frequency response: 34-30,000 Hz, Sensitivity: 91dB, Top-mount depth: 2-1/8″.

BOSS Audio PC65.2C– Best Car Component Speaker

Best Car Component Speakers

BOSS Audio PC65.2C

The Boss audio PC65.2C is 6.5a -inch full range 2 way one of the best car component speakers for the money. Many different materials make it noticeable that is a die-cast frame to better Resonant Frequencies. So the frames are able to absorb and transfer much energy and more durable, harder to break. The Woofer Cone: Electroplate Injection, Voice Coil: 1.5 Inch Aluminum ensure great audio that you listen a long time.

The PC65.2C component system with 1000 watts peak power per pair ( 500W each) and 500 watts RMS power per pair ( 250W each). Impedance: 4 Ohms, Frequency Response: 65 Hz – 20 kHz, Sensitivity: 94 dB.

You will get in this package: Two Crossovers, Two Grills, Two Magnet Covers, Two 6.5 Inch Speakers, and Two 1 Inch Dome Tweeters. There is no doubt that it is best car component speakers for the money such as little prices.

Hertz Audio DCX 165.3– Best Coaxial Car Speaker

Best Coaxial Car Speakers

Hertz Audio DCX 165.3

The hertz audio DCX165.3 is 6.5 inches 2-way DIECI Series Coaxial Car Speakers. This is another best car speaker for bass and sound quality; make the high-frequency response, wide off-axis dispersion. It has REN Neodymium tweeter with PEI dome to help good frequency and deliver lifelike sound with bass. It is sorrounded by TPU which causes dumping of resonence.

The power handling capacity: 120 watts peak power and 60 RMS power. Top mounting 2.5″. Price is not much expensive but all material is very durable to build this speaker.

Final Verdict:

We try to clear all things such as which is the right one for you, Now you need to pick from this 10 best car speakers for bass and sound quality list. Here you have much option to choose top-rated car speakers.

If you want to know more information about these topics, please search on the internet, I think you will find out many results. You can visit Amazon to check real user reviews. Just keep in mind that A best sounding car speakerssurrounded car booming.

Car Speakers Buying Guide: How To Choose Right Car Speakers For Your Car Stereo

If you want to replace your car speakers that are weary or just want to upgrade for better sound. Actually, people expect that the new speakers can put life back in their car music and that’s why they upgrade.

If you spend a lot of time in your car then, of course, you understand the importance of car audio sound systems. But the market is fully loaded many speakers, now it hard to choose the right product. If you keep in mind some point, you will be able to pick right one for your car.

Step 1: Type of Speakers- Full Range vs Component System

What type of speakers do you need? There are two main categories. That’s are Full range and component speaker system. Full range speaker included most of the vehicle and Its basic speakers’ system. In a full range system all the speaker’s element such as a woofer, tweeter, and potentially midrange or super tweeters contained in one basket.

The full range speakers system take up less space in your car, easier to install and more affordable.

The other option is a component system, it uses superior design to give you high-quality sound. In this system, all components such as tweeter, woofer, and external crossover are separated and will install a different part of your car.

The woofer separate from the tweeter, you can mount it in a location that provides superior looks. That’s why these component speakers systems are able to give you more comprehensive and natural sound.

In my opinion, if you listen to talk radio, podcast, audiobooks then full range speakers system is good for you. On the other hand, if you want to listen to music, the component speakers system is better for you. The choice is yours, what you want to listen in your car.

Step 2: Match The Speakers to Your Car Stereo

When you purchase any new car speakers, make sure that it will work well with your car stereo. Otherwise your money, time and effort will be lost. Here are two categories:

Low powered stereo, which is 15 watts or fewer RMS power per channel and another high powered stereo which is defined as 16 watts or more RMS power. If your stereo low powered, it should be matched high sensitivity speaker and if high powered then it works well low sensitivity speakers.

Step 3: Shop around

If you know exactly which kind of speakers you need or fit in your car, then probably the best way to buy online such as from Amazon, eBay etc.

The benefits of buying from online are real user reviews, you can see people what are saying about the products you like. Also, you can visit an automotive audio store nearby you and do open talk with a salesman. I think the salesman can help you to determine the best car speakers.

  • Tip: If you buy any new car speakers from the online marketplace but don’t install them, don’t worry your local automotive audio store can install them for you. Just you should small pay the automotive audio storeman.

Need to be Consider:

Sensitivity: You should keep in mind that low powered stereo ( 15 watts or less RMS power per channel) need high rating sensitivity (over 90dB) speakers and it matches well.

But if you have a high powered stereo system (16 watts or more RMS power per channel) then you can consider low sensitivity speakers. So the proper matches provide high-quality sound.

Power handling: Usually the manufacturer companies mention 2 kinds of power in their manual that is Peak and RMS power (measured watt). Remember the key spec is RMS power handling capacity, not peak power handling.

The RMS power actually measures how much power continuously the speakers can handle. There 2-50 watts RMS will match better for Low powered stereo and 10-80 watts RMS power for high powered stereo.

Speaker Materials: A Car speakers materials also much responsible to produce good or bad sound and durability. So materials are very important things to consider new product pick.

The woofer should be made of materials such as polypropylene with mica that stiff, lightweight and aluminum or titanium also strong, lightweight while provides great response.

The tweeter should be made by soft materials such as poly, textile blends, or silk that’s will provide natural and lifelike sound. The surround on a woofer should be made of rubber because it allows the woofer cone move freely. The external crossover also important for the component system.

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