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Do you want  Best car subwoofers for deep bass? If yes, you are in the right place. Often factory-installed sub can’t handle low-frequency sound that’s why needs to upgrade.

Probably you may know a right sub can give your audio realism and smooth. On the other hand, a wrong product can break an audio system. So you should careful when choosing a subwoofer for your car. Otherwise money, time and efforts will be lost.

Essential for You
If you want your subwoofer Deliver Deep bass, then you have to perfectly match with your car stereo system. How to choose a best car subwoofer that matches with your stereo and how to install, the full guide is at the bottom of the following post.

How We Wrote It?

We spent 240 hours researching and gauge to find out top rated and high quality car subwoofers that actually handle low frequency and able to produce high-quality audio.

There is no matter what kind of audio you like loudly or softly, our listed sub can improve your listening experience. We’ve got car audio experts opinion, real user reviews, and online survey result. This information had helped a lot of to build this list.

[Note: Look at the short list in the table below and click the product name to read detailed of every single product.]

5 Best Subwoofer For Deep Bass

Rockford Fosgate P300-Overall Best Car Subwoofer4.6See Price
MTX Audio TNE212D– Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Bass
4.6See Price
Dual Electronics BP1204– Best Enclosed Car Subwoofers4.5See Price
Pioneer TS-SWX2502– Best Car Subwoofer for The Money
4.4See Price
Skar Audio EVL 12D2– 12″ Car Subwoofer4.4See Price

6 Best Powered Car Subwoofers

ImageProduct NameRatingPrices
JBL LSR310S 10"– Overall Best Powered Car Subwoofer4.7See Price
Dual Electronics SBP8A– Best Budget Car Subwoofer4.6See Price
MTX Audio RT8PT– Universal Powered Subwoofer4.5See Price
KICKER 11HS8– Very Small Subwoofer for Car4.4See Price
Kenwood KSC-SW11– Best Underseat Subwoofer3.8See Price
Rockville RW10CA– Slim Powered Car Subwoofer4.3See Price

5 Best Car Subwoofer packages

ImageProduct NameRatingPrices
MTX TNE212D- Overall Best Car Subwoofers Package4.5See Price
Pyramid BNPS102– 10 Inch Car Subwoofer Package4.4See Price
Belva BPKG212v2– Two 12 Inch car subwoofer
4.3See Price
Rockville RV12.2A– Loudest 12 Inch car subwoofer package4.2See Price
XXX XBX 1200– An Average Car Subwoofers Package4.1See Price

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Overall Best Car Subwoofer

If you are looking for an easy and space-saving sub for your car then the Rockford Fosgate p300-12 is the best solution. Saying for your good, it is a powered subwoofer, that means combines a woofer and amplifier in an enclosure.

The advantage of this subwoofer that’s it will not take much space in your car but reproduce low frequency and add much bass.

 Overall Best Car Subwoofers

Rockford Fosgate P300-12


The p300 is a 12-inch subwoofer in a sealed enclosure which powered by a 300W amplifier. It is an “all in one” system which fully ready to use and just need to run the power ground and a signal from the source.

For some reason make it is so popular and overall Best car subwoofers. Modern tech component uses to build that will add clean bass without additional rattle. It has built-in adjustable bass boost EQ and auto turn on/off function, sub automatically shut down when the playlist is over.

The most advantageous of this sub, you can easily disconnect the connector within minutes so it is very easy to place or remove without any effort.

Also, you can save the extra cost of buying an amplifier because it has built in 300 watts impressive amplifier to provide enough volume with little vibration. Closed loop design ensures maximum high performance between the enclosure, amplifier, and woofer.

Thermal and overvoltage protection circuit help to protect damage due to excessive flow of electricity and ensure sufficient flow.

After all, probably all of the features meet, which people expect from a best-powered car subwoofer.

For more information about Rockford Fosgate p300, go to Amazon and read reviews, what did people say about it?. Other option also available for your just scroll down and read more product reviews.

MTX Audio TNE212D– Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Bass

The MTX audio is an American consumer company, they manufacture audio equipment such as car audio speakers, marine audio, home audio and live sound product. Especially MTX audio is most popular for car speakers, subwoofer, and amplifiers.

If you want to add enough bass to your car then the MTX audio TNE212D is an ideal car subwoofers for deep bass and smooth sound. Some unique features make it most popular and best-selling product.

 Best Car Subwoofer For Deep Bass

MTX Audio TNE212D


The TNE212D 12 Inch Terminator Series subwoofer with a sealed enclosure. It’s has a large rubber surround and polypropylene dustcaps to efficiently move on any power. A Spider Plateau Venting help to cool the voice coil and ensure dissipate the heat during extended play.

That means you should not worry about durability and long-lasting performance. The black aircraft grade carpet makes it stylish and goes well with any interior.

Generally, preferred materials for sub enclosure are MDF (medium density fiberboard) that can handle excessive bass by the subwoofers without any fear of failure.

Probably other car subwoofer enclosure manufacturer used ½” MDF to designed but the MTX audio TNE212D used 5/8” MDF for produce deep bass.

The Power handling: Max 1200 watt, peak power 800W and RMS power 400W total(Recommended power range: 200 – 400 watts RMS), Frequency response: 37-150 Hz that is awesome.

Everyone will know your car subwoofers brand because of the large MTX audio logo and Embroidered Terminator Logo on the dustcaps. After listening to your car audio the people will say, Wow what an audio system you have.

If they ask you what is the secret, just say look at my world class number one Car Subwoofer. Feel free and purchase it, if you really want to add deep bass in your car.

Dual Electronics BP1204– Best Enclosed Car Subwoofers

The Dual electronics is a most popular and best car subwoofers brand, manufactured the world-class audio component. The BP1204 is one of the best product in that brand.

Many people keep it their first choice for some unique features, the user becomes a fan who use it once. Such as a advanced technology and high-quality materials with affordable prices that you will not find with any other brand. After many research and read reviews we pick it on our best car subwoofers list.

Best Enclosed Car Subwoofers

Dual Electronics BP1204


The dual electronics BP1204 is 12 inches illuminate enclosed subwoofers for car. A specialized tuned port and 2.5″ voice coil help to increased output capability that provides consistent low sounding bass.

The subwoofer is digitally optimized, are able to deliver accurate bass with up to 1100 w peak and 600 RMS power handling capacity, frequency response: 30Hz – 200kHz at 4-ohm impedance. The Ventilated Control Circuitry ensure system coolness and Brushed Aluminum subwoofer cones give it superior looks.

It has an excellent control system and volume capabilities, so you can set it with any powered audio system within your car. Another most unique features are blue illuminating lights, when you play music it will give you incredible light show.

The BP1204 is perfect for those who like colorful decoration with deep bass in their vehicle. When engineered the 12-inch bandpass enclosure they made sure built-in crossover for ease of installation.

This high-performance Subwoofer comes packed with features that make your drive more enjoyable and charming. When you purchase it they will give you detailed instruction manual that helps you to get easy setup.

Also, we wrote In the bottom of the following post how to install  car subwoofers also has how to chose best subwoofers for car.

Pioneer TS-SWX2502– Best Car Subwoofers for The Money

The Pioneer is one of the best car subwoofers brands and they manufacture the world-class audio product. Especially the pioneer TS-SWX2502 10-inch shallow mound pre-loaded sub enclosure is the best product for this brand.

You will get a Deep bass and remarkable sound with very cheap prices that’s why people called it as the best car subwoofers for the money. If your budget is small but wants a high-quality sub that’s money, then it is perfect for you.

Best Car Subwoofer for The Money

Pioneer TS-SWX2502


Moreover, a dual spider equipped to help the connection of wires of speakers more effective. In fact, The pioneer TS-SWX2502 has fully carpeted enclosure that is able to make scratch resistant surface and more durable.

The creative enclosure design ensures quick and easy installation. It comes equipped with shallow mount pre-loaded subwoofers to help provide accurate and deep bass. Reinforced MICA injection subwoofers cone structure makes it durable and great product.

The power handling capacity: maximum 1200 W peak power/ 400 W RMS power, frequency response between 20 Hz to 125KHz, Sensitivity 92bB and Impedance 4 ohm.

It’s compact space saving design ensure easy to fit in any vehicle such as crew-car, extended-cab or standard-cab. There are few of customer say that it has low output levels and that’s why they do not recommend it. But probably, you may not find any sub with that features in the other brand as this prices.

Skar Audio EVL 12D2– 12″ Car Subwoofer

12" Car Subwoofer

Skar Audio EVL-12 D2


The Skar Audio founded for manufacture with highest quality car audio product with awesome customer support. The Skar Audio EVL-12 D2 12 inch car subwoofer is one of them.

It has also different sizes and type such as, 6.5″, 8”, 10” 12”, 15” and 18”  just you need to select which is matches. Actually, EVL series sub reproduction of low-end sound and make deep bass which people expect from a best car subwoofer.

In fact, this sub developed by high-quality materials for more durable and long-lasting.

Many car subwoofers use low-quality voice coil that’s why they can’t able to stand when extended play music. In addition, the Skar Audio EVL-12 D2 has a high temperature, 4- layer, 3-inch aluminum ccaw voice coil allow for great power handling for extended periods of time.

Advanced airflow design into motor structure ensures keeping maximum cool during a long time play an extreme condition.  However, you should not worry to listen to a long time with your beautiful partner.

Other features make it easy that is the single damper, EVL’s signature red and two-layer spider connects to the coil with stitched lead wires.

Heavy Duty Double Stack Magnet, 4-Gauge Terminals, 23.5mm Xmax (One-Way) all of these are present in this subwoofer.

It has an awesome power handling capacity: 2500 W peak and 1200 RMS power, dual 2-ohm impedance, and Frequency Response: 30-300 Hz. Especially the power handling capacity is better than other competitive car subwoofers.

Best Powered Car Subwoofers

If you want a simple, easy install and space saving subwoofer for your car, then powered car subwoofer is the best way to go.

It comes with a speaker and amplifier combine in 1 compact enclosure just you need run power from the source. Maximum people like to pick these sub for this features and make them best selling product.

JBL LSR310S  10 Overall Best Powered Car Subwoofer

More than 60 years, The JBL produce world-class audio equipment such as car speakers, subwoofer, loudspeakers, marine audio, Bluetooth speakers and many others audio component.

It is American Manufacturer Company founded by James Bullough Lansing and he is an American audio engineer. All kind of jbl products is most popular and best selling in the audio world with affordable prices. Without over thinking, you can pick any product from this brand.


The JBL LSR310S is 10″ car powered subwoofer system, which has awesome and unique features. If you want an easy way to add a high output, great bass with little distortion to your car audio system, that sub perfect for you.

It comes up with extended low frequency setting and  you have not worry about finding any extra amp..Wow, that’s good. Another cool feature remote control level from your seat lets you adjust bass, just enjoy music without interruption.

It features a polypropylene cone and a rubber surround that make it tight, powerful, natural sounding and ensure superior reliability.

The subwoofer designed to automatic on/off function, this powered car subwoofer automatically turns on when the speaker level input and turns off after few minutes the signal stop.

Also, Oversized speaker-protection bars used to keep the woofer cone safe and give good look. Before buy it makes sure that have available space in your car. If you have then you can purchase to add great bass to your car audio system.

Dual Electronics SBP8A– Best Budget Car Subwoofers

The dual electronics SPB8A 8” high performance enclosed powered subwoofer. In fact, we all know that the dual electronics is one of the best car audio component manufacturers company.

Their products are very popular and this SBP8A is one of them. If you want a best budget car subwoofer for your audio system then it is perfect for you.

Best Budget Car Subwoofer

Dual Electronics SBP8A


A specialized tuned port, built-in amplifier, and 2″ voice coil ensure maximum capability of handling up to 160W peak and 80 RMS power with the frequency range between 20Hz-200Hz and 2-ohm impedance.

It has Brushed Aluminum Cones and top-grade in-line carpet to generate consistent low sound bass. You should not worry about setup because the dual electronics SBP8A comes with a detailed manual that will help you get setup but personally I suggest professional installation.

You can easily connect the subwoofer to your car with the built-in crossover system and give you the freedom to use a different setup. However, that is budget friendly and most cheap car subwoofer in our list with awesome features.

Also, you have available other option, just scroll down and read our product reviews and find out with is meets with your musical tests.

MTX Audio RT8PT– Universal Powered Subwoofer

More than 40-years experience, the MTX audio produces world class car audio equipment. Particularly their car subwoofers are most popular for deep bass and beautiful looks.

However, it has a built-in amplifier and vented bass tube deliver great bass that only MTX can. Compact size allows you to install any vehicle without sacrificing much space.

 Universal Powered Subwoofer



The woofer used A lightweight and durable polypropylene cone to helps movies more air for maximum output.

In fact, you have not worry about connecting with any radio because a D class amplifier can handle up to 120W RMS power either low or high inputs level. The 8-inch size is maybe small but also you have the option to pick 10 inches or 12 inches just look which is matches with your car space.

[Side Note: Earlier in the following post we reviewed another MTX car subwoofer, You may also like to read.]

KICKER 11HS8- Very Small Subwoofer for Car

The kicker 11HS8 8” Hideaway Powered car Subwoofer is perfect for them, whose want a small subwoofer. Although it is a small but very expensive product by kicker brand.

You might think that it is so small, but why are they worth more? Am I right? Probably yes. High-quality material and advanced technology make are expensive. You will get outstanding and natural, clean sound from this under seat car subwoofers.

Very Small Subwoofer for Car



Most important things that the 11HS8 wins the award from the International Consumer Electronics Show for awesome design and engineering. At just over 3” high and 14” long, the hideaway combines powerful 150 watts integrated amplifier and 8” subwoofer for deep bass.

It has elcro®-fastened nylon straps and quick-connect power plug for super fast installation and removal. Additionally, you can control bass level because the hideaway comes with the remote bass control system.

More features such as variable +6dB bass boost, phase-canceling switch for efficient output and adjustable low-pass crossover make it easier and give an option to matches with your musical meets.

Two automatic turns on/off function also have in this under seat small car subwoofer. According to the real user, the prices still expensive and you can get a big sub with the prices. But in my opinion, if you want a little small sub for your car then it is perfect otherwise you should find other options.

Kenwood KSC-SW11– Best Underseat Subwoofer

If you are finding a best under seat subwoofer, Yes you reached for the right product. Before purchase, any underseat car subwoofer keeps in mind that it can’t add much bass as big sub do.

They can improve your factory sound system and add little punch of bass. The highlight Advantage of underseat car subwoofer is space saving features.

Generally, these kinds of products are very small so you can keep under your car seat and also easy to install.

Best Underseat Subwoofer

Kenwood KSC-SW11



Then Kenwood KSC-SW11 low profile compact powered enclosed under seat car subwoofer that can fit anywhere in your car tight space such as behind or under the passenger seat, in the trunk back wall.

After many research and tests, I can’t find any better under seat sub than the Kenwood KSC-SW11. You might think what caught our attention? Am I right?

Let’s say me. first of all, highest sensitivity rating ( 11dB). Remember that high sensitivity sub that means need low power and low sensitivity sub that means need high power to deliver the same bass.

Since it is powered subwoofer, so you have not worry about external amplifier because it comes with a built-in amplifier with 75 RMS and 150 Peak power.

The enclosure designed by rigid aluminum eliminates rattles for getting maximum bass output with a remote bass control system. But the frequency range between 75Hz-125 Hz ( as low as some other competitive under seat car subwoofer).

The Prices of this one is not much expensive but also not cheap.. ha ha ha..just an average.

If you already decided that you want an under seat car subwoofer than I recommend the Kenwood KSC-SW11 powered subwoofer. Which people use it once they are very satisfied and become a great fan.

Rockville RW10CA– Slim Powered Car Subwoofer

The Rockville RW10CA is 2.7″ thick very slim and space-saving powered under seat car subwoofer. It is another one of the best small under seat car subs that deliver excellent bass and clean sound.

You have the option to choose between 8 inches and 10 inches come with a built-in amplifier.

Earlier we mention the Kenwood KSC-SW11 detailed and that was small power handling capacity but it has much.

Not only earlier sub but also any competition car subwoofer has no more power than Rockville RW10CA and it has 800 Watts Peak / 200 Watts RMS power handling capacity.

Slim Powered Car Subwoofer

Rockville RW10CA


The high-level input with auto turn on/off function makes it fast and easy to use and install. The smart circuit will sense that when an audio signal present then it turns on and when you off music signal, it will automatically turn off…wow, that’s cool.

Thermal Protection Circuit, Short Protection Circuit helps to protect from overload voltage problem (Phase Switch: 0° or 180°). An adjustable sensitivity: 90dB with the frequency range between 20Hz – 150Hz ensure clean and natural sound.

In fact, if you do not satisfy after use, you can refund it within 30 days. For more information, search on internet about the Rockville RW10CA slim underseat powered subwoofer and read.

You can visit online market such as Amazon, eBay, BestBuy etc and read reviews actually real user what say about this product.

Best Car Subwoofer packages: All in one Package

Many people are searching for a best quality car subwoofer packages for their car. In the ultimate guide, we covered it also and find out most popular and high-quality car subwoofer package that has all in one box that means a complete package.

What can you expect from it? Actually, this package comes with subwoofers, enclosure, amplifier and wiring kits. So don’t worry about purchase external equipment to install your sub.

MTX TNE212D- Overall Best Car Subwoofers Package

This is a complete package. What will you get if you buy it? They provide MTX TNE212D loaded car subwoofer with perfect enclosure, Mono amplifier with complete installation kits.

Earlier we said that The MTX is a very popular brand for car audio component and that product is theirs. After many research and tests, we recommend it firstly if you really want to upgrade your car audio system for better bass and sound.

 Overall Best Car Subwoofers Package



The MTX TNE212D designed with a perfect enclosure to deliver deep bass and natural audio. In the enclosure used polypropylene dustcaps for survive the rigors of most trunks and make it more durable.

It has 12” dual sealed enclosure unit and a single terminal cup for 20 loads to any connected amplifier and helps to maximum output. The power handling capacity: 400 watts RMS power entire/ 20 watts RMS each and 400 Watts each/ 800 watts Peak for the entire enclosure.

Actually, when you play music long time subs generate heat and for that reasoned it can blow or damaged.

But TNE212D subwoofers have a mechanical cooling process that is Spider Plateau Venting which continually moves more air around the voice coil and keeps it cool during extended play.

The enclosure made by 5/8″ MDF (medium density fiberboard) which is the preferred material for deep bass. You can easily install it yourself and quickly mounts in most of the trunks in your car.

Pyramid BNPS102– 10 Inch Car Subwoofer Package

This package comes with pyramid BNPS102 dual subwoofer, Box, Mono amplifier with complete installation kits. The pyramid BNPS102 bandpass features with max power handling 1000 watt at 4-ohm impedance ensure deep bass.

It has built-in neon accesnt lighting with black rubber edge suspension that makes it look awesome. In fact, the front window made by plexiglass to show the lighting, a silver polypropylene cone with 4 tuned port have in the 10-inch car subwoofer.

10 Inch Car Subwoofer Package

Pyramid BNPS102


In this package includes a BOSS R1100M Mono Car Audio Power Amplifier with 1000W peak power and 250W RMS power and 2-ohm impedance. This amp has low pass crossover, MOSFET power supply, and an illuminated Boss logo.

However, the boss BOSS R1100M Mono car audio amplifier is perfect to power your car audio system and you will get 8 Gauge complete installation kits.

Belva BPKG212v2– Two 12 Inch car subwoofer

The Belva is another best car subwoofers brand in the market and their product always best-selling. Mind it that if the subwoofer, amplifier, enclosure have good matches then you will get deep bass and great sound.

So take a lot of time to matches it otherwise you will lose money. But if have not timed or don’t know how to find, here is deal….and that is the Belva BPKG212v2 12 inch car subwoofer package.

Two 12 Inch car subwoofer

Belva BPKG212v2


This package includes two 12 inch subwoofer, ported box, mono block amplifier, complete Amp installation kits. So you have not worry or need not spend time on matching because they include all in one package.

Just you have to run and listen to every note of your music.

The power handling: 1200 Watts/600W each peak power at 4-ohm SVC impedance has in the subwoofer. Dual 12″ ported enclosure made of Polypropylene cone with Durable rubber surround.

Don’t worry about wiring kits because they deliver 8 Gauge Amp Kit with 2-Channel RCA Cable.

Rockville RV12.2A- Loudest 12 Inch car subwoofer package

Many people keep its first choice to add the loudest bass in their car audio system. If you need 12 Inch car subwoofer package then you can check with your musical tests.

The Rockville RV12.2A package includes Dual 12″ Car Subwoofer, Enclosure, a perfect Mono Amplifier with complete Amp Kit. But one drawback also has that is prices, yes, this is small expensive subwoofer package.

Loudest 12 Inch car subwoofer package

Rockville RV12.2A


This system includes an excellent ported enclosure made of fiberboard which delivers natural and lifelike sound.

In that subwoofer has a perfectly matched Mono amplifier with 1200W peak/ 400 RMS power at 4-ohm impedance and the frequency range between 15Hz – 20KHz. The amplifier is CEA-2006 compliant that means you will get the power as you expect and loudest bass.

They feature 1.5″ aluminum 4 layer voice coils with vented motor structure make it more powerful subwoofer.

XXX XBX 1200– An Average Car Subwoofers Package

XXX XBX-1200

XXX XBX-1200 12


The XXX XBX-1200 is just an average subwoofers package. Honestly, it is not very good or not bad. You will get two subs, sub enclosure, car amp, & amp kit with 1-year warranty.

In this package have 2 Channel Amplifier with 1200 Watts x 1 Channel Max Power, PWM MOSFET Power Supply system, and Low Pass Crossover.

However, we keep it on our list because many real users recommended it. Now you may check it if all features meet with your musical tests then go ahead otherwise skip and pick another one.

How to choose The Best Car subwoofers for your car stereo

There is some point to be considering when you choose best car subwoofers for giving your audio realism and smooth. Which kinds of the sub are right for your vehicle? Actually, it depends on your musical tests, how much space available in your car and how much money you want to invest for.

Also, many types, body style and size’s sub are available in the market. To know which one is best for your need, look at below.

  • Component Subwoofers
  • Enclosed Subwoofers
  • Powered Subwoofers
  • Vehicle Specific Subwoofers

Component Subwoofers: In component subwoofers, you have to choose the amplifier and enclosure separately because it comes speaker only. I

f you want to operate properly, then you should mount it in a sub box. In addition, A Component sub size comes 8″ to 15″ and available different type of boxes ( high power/Low power).

This Sub is perfect for those who really want to listen big sound and deep bass.

Enclosed subwoofers: It is pre-mounted in a box, so just you need an external amplifier to power the sub. You won’t do much work to build your system.

Powered Subwoofers: If you haven’t much of space in your car or want to a simple sub then the power subwoofers is the best way to go. This sub is combined with speaker and amp in 1 compact enclosure.

On the downside, it may not provide big bass because their speaker and driver are small. The simple installation and space-saving spec make them most popular.

Vehicle Subwoofers: These subwoofers are fit in the out if the way location in your vehicle, such as a door.

Often it designed to match the color of any car interior. If you like to hear the big bass, it is not right for you because they can provide deep bass.

Consider some key spec:

Power: If you want natural sound, rich and deep bass then you will need to pick high powered subwoofer speakers. You should attention to measure power handily range on RMS rating, not peak power.

The RMS power means continue basis output and it is more realistic then peak power. But you need to match amp output to the sub’s power handling capacity.

Sensitivity: The higher Sensitivity helps to achieve maximum output and require less power to produce great sound. Maybe so you ought to pick one, whose has high sensitivity rating.

Frequency Range: If you have high-frequency range speakers then your sub is able to handle low-frequency sound. It just gives an idea how much low can play your subwoofers.

Enclosure Type: Where subwoofer mounted that is the enclosure and it is very important to produce good sound. Keep in mind that sealed boxes provide deep sound and ported bandpass are able to produce more volume.

Voice Coil: There are two options for voice coil that is single and dual voice coil subwoofers. If you want to more flexibility in wiring your sound system, pick dual voice coil. It has to separate coil and each own connection on one cylinder.

Size of the woofer: A never-ending question that is what type of subwoofer can produce good sound and bass? Actually, it is very difficult to give right answer because of the need to consider various matter such as power, enclosure, sensitivity etc.

So size is doesn’t big matter, In my opinion. The good quality enclosure, high power handling capacity of the compact small sub can play good sound.

Impedance: It comes from 2 to 8ohm and you should match amplifier and speakers impedance.

How to Install Car Subwoofer


Music lovers have a common tendency to keep listening songs everywhere. Are you on that list too? Then you must want to enjoy listening music sitting in your car for sure. Am I right? A powerful subwoofer can help you find a great sounding system on the car.

You can allow music with good sound whenever you want in it.

To do so, you need to set a subwoofer on your car.  A lot of people face a problem because they don’t know how to install car subwoofers. You don’t need to worry about that anymore.

In this article, I am going to share some useful guidelines about how easily you can do it. Let’s know in-depth details about this topic without making any delay anymore.

Step by Step Guide to Set Up a Car Subwoofer

If you want to experience best sound quality, a subwoofer is necessary to fulfill your desire. The system is very simple and easy to follow.

You can do it by yourself without hiring any professional from outside.Removing the battery from your car is mandatory to remember. Let’s know the process in details.

1. Assemble necessary equipment’s:

First of all, you need to gather required elements that are very essential to install a car subwoofer.

Wiring kit, subwoofer box, Amplifier, insulated wire, subwoofer speaker, 16 or 18 gauge, RCA cables and basic tools are important tools when you intend to set it up.

2.Select right speaker and amp:

Once you put together all required equipment’s, half of your works are done. The next is up on choosing suitable amp and right size of the speaker as well. You must look for such kind of amplifier and speaker that works great with power without blowing each other at all.

Next, the RMS of the speaker and the amplifier should be kept as close as possible. RMS holds such amount of power what the speaker and amp can send it restlessly without being damaged by overheat.

Never look at the peak power while you are looking at both of the types of equipment.

Smaller speakers like 8 to 10 inch are not very loud enough and respond quickly. On the other hand, larger ones above ta 15 inches sound loudly but very slow at the response.

They tend to control lower frequency also. I recommend you to buy a 12-inch speaker and that is probably the right size for a basic system.Make sure the subwoofer box and the speaker are of the similar size.

3. Run the wires:

You should wire the power from a battery rather than having it from the fuse box. Because it can create a huge engine noise promoted through the speaker.

First of all, keep the insulation aside from the wire close to the battery. Meanwhile, you need to make sure that the fuse and the battery have a little distance.

Then join the fuse to the end. Tape the wired place where you intend to wire the fuse as well. Make sure you don’t have a short by doing this job. If you have a wire channel, run it under the carpet of your car.

4. Wire the audio system:

Different car manufacturers have followed different ways as you know. Now, whatever you need to do is to take out the stereo head unit.

You have two different options too. Either you can remove the face point of the central console or you can us e a tool to slide it.

You will get two RCA connections after excluding the stereo. Using the back of the central console, you must run the RCA cables.

Hence, plug the cables into the two connections effectively. Make sure your stereo has the RCS connections. Otherwise, it’s better to buy a new one.

5. Remote wiring:

The next task you should do is to run the gauge wire from the back side of the central console. The amplifier and the stereo both are being turned on simultaneously and the connection makes sure about it.

You may find blue color remote wires. Make a connection between the blue wires and the gauge. That’s how both the stereo and amp will function properly.

If you find a power antenna only, you need to connect the blue wire for use.You should turn on the amp while your car is on.

It shouldn’t create any noise and just make sure about this fact. To avoid unwanted loud sound, you can add a switch on the function. That’s how you can turn it on or off whenever you want.

6. Keep the subwoofer into the box:

Next, the most important task you have to do and that is to put the subwoofer in the box properly. If you make mistakes in connecting or placing the subwoofer in a proper way, it increases the possibility to ruin your device.

You should connect positive and negative wires rightfully to the exact terminal on the subwoofer.

When it comes to fixing the box, never forget to give it more free space. You shouldn’t fix it tightly. Nevertheless, it can affect the sound system.

A subwoofer should be placed efficiently to get a quality sound system.

7. Connect the amplifier:

In this step, there is no hard task left for you. Just add the positive and negative wire to the selected amplifier correctly.

You should do it with caring concern. Otherwise, the wrong wiring can end up causing serious issues.

8. Add power and play the music:

Here is the last step you have to follow. Now, make a connection of the power cable to the battery carefully. You have to confirm the fact that a large fuse is placed rightfully in the fuse holder.

Once, the final step of subwoofer installation is done properly, turn your system on and play the music.

Conclusion: Once, you are efficient in setting up a subwoofer in your car; you can enjoy your time listening better-sounded music. That’s why you need to know how to install car subwoofers perfectly.

Hopefully, this article will ensure this possibility with a great percentage. So, get impressive frequencies in your sound system and enjoy playing music.

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