Boss CH6530 Car Speakers- Why Should You Buy It ?

A car ride without music is so mundane and boring. Even during the hectic morning traffic, good music will surely put you in a good mood. No matter how great the music is, if the audio quality isn’t up to par then you’ll not be able to feel it to your soul.

Boss speakers are one of a kind. With just a look at them, you'll understand that they're not an average joe. They have been ruling the market for years with their premium quality speakers at a budget-friendly price. We have come up with the Boss Speaker review to give you a detailed idea of the amazing features of these bad boys.

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Boss CH6530 Car Speakers reviews

Important Features of Boss CH6530 Speaker 

  • Power

The extent to which the speaker can endure power is a vital factor to consider while shopping for car speakers. If the speaker doesn’t handle power well then it’ll create distortion and noise. Thus, hampering the overall sound quality.

  • Woofer Material

Woofers are usually made with polypropylene. It’s a stiff yet lightweight material. Some woofers are made with metal-coated synthetics or oven fabrics that provide excellent sound output in different temperatures and environmental conditions.

The surrounding material of the woofers allows free movement cones. Surround materials made with rubberized material provide an excellent outcome. This enables the woofer to generate deeper and more substantial bass.

  • Frequency

The frequency range has an immense impact on the sound quality of the speakers. Adjusting the frequency level will help you receive the best outcome provides by the speakers. Make sure the speaker you opt for works well on different frequency levels.


Tweeters made with silk, poly or textile blend help to generate a more crisp and mellow tone. The tweeter material varies depending on the quality of the speaker. Usually, the higher-end models use cone materials that offer excellent durability with incredible sound quality.

Harder material generates a crisper sound. Whereas, the softer materials generate a more refined sound that's very soothing to the ears.

  • Sensitivity

The speaker’s sensitivity determines the amount of sound the speaker can generate in terms of the power applied to it. If the sound system has a high power-rating then you should opt for speakers with a lower sensitivity rating and vice versa.

  • Connection

No matter how great all the other components are, they'll not matter if the wires aren't connected properly. The electricity flow throughput of the speaker must be evenly circulated to ensure optimum sound output.


  • Easy to install and durable
  • Decent sound quality with this price tag
  • Polyurethane cone
  • Sorrounded by Rubber


  • Struggles with high frequencies.

If you're looking to drive in style while enjoying the very best in high-quality sound then Boss CH6530 is one of the best car speakers to meet your demands. Boss Audio systems are known for producing high quality and eye-catching products. They are one of the successful car audio manufacturers.

The Boss Audio CH6530 car speakers have 300 watts of power and 150 watts each. It's a 6.5-inch full range 3-way speaker that sold in pairs. You'll get a template for easy mounting, incase if you want to cut a fresh hole for the speakers to sit down in. They even give you a diameter of 5.5 inches for mounting.

We know you're tired of listening to the same old tired stereo system. It seems to go dull after a few years of usage. This speaker doesn't only sound great but is also aesthetically pleasing with its black and red color.

The dimension of the speaker is 6.6 x 6.6 x 2.4 inches with a weight of 2.5 pounds. It has voice coils feature to withstand high temperatures yet maintain its strength and fatigue properties. It also helps the speakers to get longer play times with lower weights.

Another cool feature is the Piezoelectric tweeter. This tweeter is more resistant to overloads and can be used without a crossover due to its electrical property. Moreover, the Boss Audio Systems uses rubber surrounds in a lot of their speakers to connect the cone to the basket.

The cone made from polyurethane which is categorized as a polymer. It's a resilient, flexible and durable manufactured material. This allows the speaker to have maximum flexibility to produce great sound with the advantage of long-lasting speakers.

It has the adequate power handling and solid sensitivity. You'll get a powerful and beautiful clear sound with these ultra-low price speakers. The sound is clean and punchy from a respectable bass right through mids and high-range frequencies.

Moreover, the product comes backed up by a powerful 3-year platinum online dealer warranty if the purchase is made through Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the box come with two speakers or one?

Ans. You’ll get two speakers in the box. Both the speakers are of top-notch quality that will let you enjoy music to the fullest.

Do I need an amplifier or anything to install these speakers?

Ans. No, you don’t. However, to improve your sound quality you can install an amplifier.

What is the ohms value of the voice call?

Ans. The ohm value for the voice call is 4-ohms.

Do these speakers work with all the cars?

Ans. No, it won't work with all the cars. Make sure it’s compatible with your before you make the purchase.


The Boss Speaker review will come in handy if you’re looking to upgrade your car’s sound system. Upgrading the sound system will let you enjoy concert hall quality sound while riding on the car. There are different brands available in the market so, we suggest that you do proper research before you settle on the final purchase decision.

We have accumulated all the important features along with the pros and cons to help you decide if this is the one for you. Also, the speakers are not compatible with all car models. Make sure it’s suitable for your car so that you can make the best of your investment.