How To Install Car Subwoofer ( Guide 2021)

Are you a passionate music lover? Then you must tend to listen to audio speakers even in the car. But how do you feel when it fails to create that melody into your ear. Yes! it may be due lack of knowledge of install car subwoofer

A car subwoofer is solely the ultimate solution to your problem. That’s why you must know how to install a car subwoofer. In this article, I want to let you know in a brief discussion about it.

Step by step methods to follow for subwoofer installation in a car

install car subwoofer

Why should you hire a professional to fit a subwoofer into your car? However, it’s not a big issue at all—a simple procedure you need to follow just as a guideline. The following are the key points with which you can do this work by yourself.

  • Dissociate the battery

As this task is somehow related to electricity, you should not take further risks. Part the battery from your car to avoid any short circuit issues. This is the best way to have a safety.

  • Arrange the required tools

Before you start the installation process, gather essential tools that are necessary to do this job. First of all, you need a quality subwoofer box. Then you need a speaker, including an amplifier as well. You also need RCA cables, fuse, and some quality wires with wire gauge for a different purpose.

  • Select the speaker and amplifier

At this point, you must have a speaker and amplifier matching to the RMS power. For example, when the subwoofer RMS is 350w, then 350 w amplifier choosing will be an excellent decision for you.

Consequently, a subwoofers function on the RMS power. The quality sound comes with an amplifier, and you can’t ignore this fact as well. Furthermore, choose an enclosure according to your subwoofer size. If it doesn’t fit properly, nothing can be done.

  • Connect the wire accurately

This is the most relevant job you need to do carefully. I am beckoning you to have quality wires that possess an excellent isolation system. However, make sure that the fuse and the battery maintain a safe distance.

Remember, if the wire is good enough, it will help produce better sound. In a car, you should drive the wire through the interior part precisely.

  • Wire the stereo system

When you start wiring the stereo, you need to have 2 RCA points, including the cable in the configuration. Be sure it has an RCS connection as well. Then take an 18-20 gauge wire and create a secure connection between the amp and the stereo system.

Then place the subwoofer on the box carefully. Make sure you are managing positive and negative connections correctly. When all connections and wiring are in the right position, your subwoofer is ready.

 Enjoy quality music with a well-maintained stereo system. If you know in detail how to install a car subwoofer, you won’t need to depend on anyone to meet up with your demands. I hope you will get satisfied with this article.

Some tips to help you buy car subwoofers

A car subwoofer is an integral part of reforming low frequencies with a great sound system in music. It highly develops your listening experience. You might get confused before choosing it for a particular purchase. To make it simple, you need a basic guideline for it. Here I want to share some tips to help you buy car subwoofers. Have a look at it.

  • Things to remember before buying a car subwoofer

First of all, you need to primarily decide which subwoofer you need as there is a variety of ways for it. Of course, you won’t compromise with the key factors such as your musical favor, your affordability to buy as well as your car space too. Once you have completely done with it, you can follow the tips I am going to mention now.

  • Size

This is a crucial factor you can’t overlook to consider. The music quality is ideally determined by it. How will the sound be, loud or low? Strong or poor?

These factors mostly depend on the right size and dimension of it. If you are expecting an ideal unit, take care of the car interior space too. Better if you know about the actual measurements before buying subs.

  • Power ratings

Another essential consideration that fuels the possibility to have a suitable unit is power. Ample power is a much-needed issue with no doubt. Keep your constant attention to RMS power. It determines the realistic measure and successfully manages power on the output. Again, you must keep variance with the amp’s and sub’s control carefully.

  • Sensitivity & frequency

The sensitivity of a car subwoofer lets you know about the volume you are going to have from a speaker. Higher sensitivity models need a few amounts of power to reveal a similar number of models.

If you want to listen to music with low-frequency sound, you must look for the high-frequency speaker unit.

  • Some voice calls

Duel voice calls have various advantages as it has multiple options such as parallel, series, and independent wiring to us. If you want to have flexibility, the best option is to use it. Besides, you will discover two positive and negative connections in the duel system. On the other hand, single voice calls don’t have facilities like duel ones.

  • Impedance

Impedance is one of the essential issues to look for before buying a car subwoofer. Generally, you will find 4-ohm car speakers in most of the audio systems of the cars. It has a significant impact on the stereo sound system and its quality. There are different kinds of the configuration of a subwoofer.


Subwoofers mainly play a vital role in handling low-frequency sounds with high quality. That’s why choosing the right one becomes the most fundamental issue as you will have to spend your hard-earned money with enormous labor. In this article, I try to put some tips to help you buy car subwoofers. I sincerely hope that it will help you make a wise decision.