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At first you Needs to know something about the JBL Company. This is an American company, James Bullough Leansing founded in 1946. 1200 worldwide employee work in here.

Specially TheJBL are famous for produce world-class loudspeaker, amplifier, car speaker and many another audio component especially popular for JBL car speakers.

After many research and read reviews, we make top 7 JBL car speakers list. Our goal to help who want to upgrade their car audio system. We believe that this article will help to make a decision. Which JBL car audio speakers are appropriate for your car. So Let’s Read……..

RankProduct NamePower Handling (per pair)SensitivityFrequency Rating Out of 5Price
JBL GTO938 6 x 9-Inch 3-Way Loudspeaker
600 Watts94 dB45-21,000 Hz4.4See Price
2JBL GTO609C Component Speaker System540 Watts92 dB67-21,000 Hz4.4See Price
3JBL GX963 Coaxial Car Loudspeakers
600 Watts94 dB45-21,000 Hz4.2See Price
4JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker360 Watts93 dB53-21,000 Hz4.1See Price
5JBL GX600C Component Car Loudspeakers420 watts
92 dB50 Hz-21000 Hz4.6See Price
6JBL GTO638 3-Way Speakers360 Watts92 dB50-21,000 Hz4.3See Price
7JBL GTO429 Premium Co-Axial Speaker210 Watts 92 dB75-21,000 Hz4.2See Price

1. JBL GTO938 – Best JBL car speakers in 2017

JBL-GTO938 JBL car spekaers


GTO938 is The Best JBL Car Speakers in 2017

Our first choice is JBL GTO938 3-way loudspeaker. If you go to Amazon and view reviews about this speaker. You can understand why we take it the first choice. IF you have no time for that, Yes this article for you. The sound quality of this speaker, super easy installation system, power handling capacity just awesome.

Key Features On The JBL Car Speakers (GTO938):

  • It has 1/2-inch (12-millimeter) Mylar-titanium (My-Ti) super tweeter for high-quality audio.
  • The GTO938 able to reduces maximum sound distortion at the high output with a large voice coil.
  • These speakers offer extra smooth and high-quality sound with Edge-Driven, Mylar-Titanium Super Tweeter.
  • There are Built-in Crossover Networks who able to provide advanced high and low pass filters.
  • JBL GTO938 use latest Plus One cone technology for bass that booms. Also, these speakers provide a better bass response.
  • To extract most of the power from all amplifiers, this speaker has true 4-ohm topology.
  • GOT938 use lower- impedance voice coil than typically 4-ohm for more powerful performance.
  • These speakers have super easy installation system. You can easily install it yourself without any special tools. You can listen to your new JBL GTO938 speaker in no time at all.

I think you can understand very better why most of the people chose this speaker. You can not get all kind of features ( above say at key features) in one speaker.

The Price is also affordable, not big high, but also not cheap. These speaker has not the only good side but also has some of the lacks. Below I explain some of the pros and some of the cons on the speaker.

  • High quality and very well balanced sound
  • Strong mid-range
  • Looking stylish
  • Super easy installation system

  • Incredibly poor craftsmanship
  • Noticeably crooked tweeters and ridiculously drilled screw holes.
  • Can’t handle much bass at all before farting.

Product Technical Information

Item Model Number GTO938
Batteries 1 12V Batteries Required
Product Dimensions 10 x 9 x 10 inches
Weight 4.4 pounds
Shipping Weight 7.9 pounds

Final Words

If you want to invest money on JBL car speakers, this speaker is one of the best options for you. So don’t waste your time to read more reviews. Most of jbl car audio speakers fan take it first and everyone says “ awesome car speaker”. You can get more information from JBL 638 speakers reviews.


2. JBL GTO609C  – Component Speaker System


JBL-GTO609C-Premium-6-5-Inch-Component car speakers



We all know that component car speaker system is better than coaxial car speakers. The JBL GTO609C is a component car speaker. This speaker is 6.5 Inch that means not large and not small.

This speaker really shines and star for any car audio. It may be your second choice because of many special features there. Let’s Read how many specialties has in this JBL car speakers.

Key Features on The GTO609C Speaker:

  • This speaker delivers high end and lifelike sound with the Soft-dome tweeter and woofers features.
  • The GTO609C is able to provide deep bass with Carbon-injected Plus One cones. the plus one cone technology can move more air and provide deep bass.
  • It has high power handling capacity. The speaker uses oversized voice coil for higher power handling and maximum heat dissipation.
  • These speakers offer unparalleled flexibility with patented mount system features. No matter if you flush or surface mounts the tweeters, it become more flexible.
  • The tweeter has two level volume adjustment. It will be easily suited and great for personal listening performance.
  • JBL GTO609C is able to extract maximum power from any amplifier. Because it is low impedance,3-ohm speaker.
  • Easy installation system without any special tools or requirement.

  • High-end sound
  • Looking good and stylish
  • Suited and fitted with any car
  • Made by good and expensive materials
  • Great power handling capacity ( 270 watts Peak power and 75 watts RMS)
  • Quick frequency response ( 53 Hz – 21 KHz)
  • Higher sensitivity ( 92 dB)
  • Easy installation system

  • Peak power handling is average. Expected more peak power handling capacity
  • Sometimes provide bad bass quality

General Features:

  1. Frequency:                             53 Hz – 21 KHz
  2. Power Handling:                 270 W Peak/ 75 W RMS
  3. Sensitivity:                             92 dB
  4. Impedance:                            3 ohm
  5. Product Dimensions:         8 x 8 x 6.1 inches
  6. Weight:                                     2 pounds


The JBL GTO609C 6.5 Inch component speaker is small expensive. But it provides high-quality service such as sound quality, deep bass, maximum power handling, installation system etc.

You can go Amazon for reading more reviews about the speaker. There are many users give reviews who used these speakers.

  3. JBL GX963 – Coaxial Car Loudspeakers

JBL GX963 - Coaxial Car Loudspeakers



Product Highlights:

  • 3 way, 6″x9″ coaxial speaker
  • Polypropylene Plus One™ Woofer Cones
  • Edge-Driven Soft Dome Tweeter
  • Power Handling: 600W peak / 200 RMS power
  • True 4 Ohm Technology
  • frequency response: 45-21,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity  : 94dB

The JBL GX963 is GX Series 6.9 Inch 3-way coaxial car loudspeaker. It has two pairs, one in the front and another in the back. This speaker uses a tweeter and a woofer on the top.

The tweeter and the woofer mount on the top of the speaker. But it has lacked a subwoofer and an amplifier.

This speaker also uses plus one cone like as above one and two number speaker. The GX693 can move more air, that’s why it can provide deep bass. The cone made by polypropylene materials, who is very expensive and good materials.

It has 600 watts peak power and 200 watts RMS. Be sure to most power handling capacity and powerful performance.

For increase power handling uses edge-Driven Soft Dome Tweeter. The tweeter also provides a smooth high-frequency response. Rubber speaker surrounds use to build tweeter.

The JBL GX963 has frequency response: 45-21,000 Hz and sensitivity 94 ohm. It provides high quality, clear, lifelike sound.

  • Great sound quality
  • Looking beautiful and stylish also
  • Good and deep bass
  • High sensitivity
  • Easy installation system

  • Small Poor power in sound in the prices
  • Needs to update more good high and mids


These speakers are designed high-quality materials for long-lasting performance. it has also most powerful performance and sensitivity. you will get speakers who will deliver high end and natural sound in many years.

it has deep bass and easy installation system and it also looks stylish. You can buy it without any tension and be rocking with JBL car audio speakers.

 4. JBL GTO629 – Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker




Product Highlights:

  • Carbon-Composite Non-Magnetic Frame
  • 6.5 Inch 2-way coaxial speaker ( pair)
  • Latest Patented Plus One woofer-cone technology
  • butyl rubber surround woofer cone
  • Patented UniPivot Tweeter
  • dual-level tweeter adjustment volume
  • Low-impedance, three-ohm speakers
  • 180 watts peak power and 60 watts RMS
  • Frequency response: 53-21,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 93 dB

The JBL company produce another car speaker called as JBL GTO629. These are a 2 way 6.5 Inch coaxial car speaker. Most of the people like this car audio speaker for mids sound quality. The sound quality of mids is unbelievable and natural. It has also 2 pairs, one in the front and one in the back.

JBL GTO629 deliver deep bass with carbon-injected plus one cone. The plus one cones technology can move more air and make more deep bass. The patented UniPivot Tweeter uses into this speaker. Even when mounted down low in the doors for clear and great sound.

This car audio speaker uses edge-driven silk dome tweeter with two level adjustable volume. You will be able to get appropriate sound because there is an adjustable volume that means you can control the volume. Dedicated 12dB/octave, high-quality crossover components offers lifelike sound.

 5. JBL GX600C – Component Car Speakers





The JBL has some series car speaker such as GTO, GX. This JBL car audio speakers are GX series 2-way component loudspeaker. It has high power handling capacity 420 watts peak power and 140 RMS power.

These speakers are popular for the power handling capacity. It can extract maximum power from any amplifier with 2.3-ohm impedance.

JBL GX600C has plus one cone, polypropylene woofer cone. It has also balanced dome tweeter and rubber speaker surround. High sensitivity and quick response are another good features in this speaker.

The quality of sound is also fine but not great. Especially audiophile may not like the JBL GX600c speaker for sound quality.

What’s in The Box, Provided by JBL Company:

  • Three Tweeters, Two tweeter grills, and Two tweeter brackets
  • Two speakers and Two grills
  • Two sets of mounting hardware, Two crossovers and One strip of mounting tape

Specification on The JBL GX600C:

Max Peak power 420 watts
Max RMS power140 watts
Max Sensitivity92dB
Impedance2.3 impedance
Full Frequency Range 50Hz-21000 Hz
Top Mounting Depth 2.63”

 6. JBL GTO638 – 6.5 Inch 3-Way Speakers ( Pair)




JBL GTO638 car audio speakers hit the road with the big, detailed clear sound. That features make this jbl car speaker popular and best-selling. The GTO638 deploys Plus One® woofer cone and an edge-driven My-Ti™ super tweeter. Those materials are able to produce high frequencies like as home speaker do. In the GTO638 you will find great sound.

Key Features on the JBL GTO638:

  1. For deep bass, this speaker uses Patented Plus One® woofer cone. The woofer helps to handle frequency below 10000 Hz.
  2. Mylar-titanium tweeter delivers the best audio like home theater sound. The tweeter has volume control adjustable level
  3. Another great feature is built-in crossover network for true sound. The built-in crossover network helps to transition between woofer and tweeter.
  4. 6-1/2 / 6-3/4-inch three-way loudspeaker and Mounting Depth is 2 Inch.
  5. This speaker has 180 Watts peak power handling, 60W Power Handling (RMS). Also, there is 2-ohm impedance for extract maximum power from the amplifier.


Every JBL car speakers Designed as replacements for factory-installed OEM speakers, so you can install in yourself without any special tools. For Make the installation super easy, uses JBL’s patented Intermount III mounting system.

7. JBL GTO429 – Premium Co-Axial Car Speaker




Full Black and looking stylish jbl car speakers are the GTO429 . It’s a premium 4 Inch coaxial car speaker, whose price is very cheap. You will get many special features in the price.

If your budget low but want to a good speaker, Yes this is for you. Let’s read highlight features on this JBL car speakers.

Highlight Features:

  • Awesome Sound quality delivers this speaker with the Dedicated 12dB/octave, high-quality crossover components.GTO429 uses Carbon-injected Plus One cones, who are able to move more air and deliver deep bass better than other branded speakers.The higher power handling resulting in very smooth, greater heat dissipation with the oversized voice coils and soft dome tweeters.
  • These speakers have Carbon-composite, nonmagnetic baskets for maintaining the integrity and precision when most demanding conditions and provide a good result.It’s able to use most of every watt delivered car stereo system because it’s three ohms, low impedance speaker.
  • In a word, JBL GTO429 has awesome features and specification in the price. If you want to know more details about the product, you may go Amazon. The most of the people who used the speaker give 4.6 ( small less or high) rating out of 5. So don’t worry about quality and service because of the cheap price. Get good speaker with a small price and be a rock with your car music.

What’s In The Box:

  1. Two 2-way speakers, 2 JBL logo badges, and 2 Grilles
  2. 2 Adhesive backed foam gasket strips, 3mm Allen head bit and 8 Speed clips
  3. Instruction manual


  1. Power Handling (Peak)          105 Watts
  2. Power Handling (RMS)         50 Watts
  3. Nominal Impedance               3 ohms
  4. Frequency Response          75Hz-21kHz
  5. Sensitivity(2.83V/1m)       92dB

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