JBL GTO939 reviews – Most Popular JBL Car Speakers Reviews

You should know about JBL car speakers before buy. This article will help you to give details information about the sound quality, sizes, bass, performance, voice coil, installation and much more. If Read this article fully, you will get a clear idea about these speakers. And it will help you to decide that you will buy or not. We talks about JBL GTO939 review which is 6''x9'' 3-Way Speakers.

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JBL GTO939 6x9" 3 Way Car Coaxial Audio Speakers reviews


Great sound quality

JBL product is most popular and excitement in the world’s best recording studio, concert venues, home theaters and much more. Now JBL Company produces world class listening speakers for cars. After considering all aspect we got Most popular and best selling 7 good JBL speakers.

Their speakers deliver excitement and superb bass response High output, smooth response, long life all things which you expect from good speakers It has 1/2-inch Mylar-titanium (My-Ti) super tweeter with a large voice coil that provides you high-end home audio speakers.

The Mylar and titanium blend helps to make tweeter lightweight and extraordinary strength. There is a large voice coil that able to increases power handling & reduces distortion at high output levels.

Another special feature, you can modify and optimize the tweeters because the tweeters designed even adjustable. The JBL GTO939 use one-inch Mylar-titanium (My-Ti) For more extra detail and clear sound. That’s why you will get rich sound through the midrange frequencies.

Bass Quality on The Jbl Car Speakers

Generally, bass blocker keeps the bass from going to the tweeter and make the transition between the woofer and tweeter. Many entry level speaker used a low-performance bass blocker. But The JBL not use this kind of low-quality bass blocker. They used built-in crossover network with advanced high and low filter, the JBL GTO 939 car speakers is able to smooth transition. So don’t worry about midrange sound, of course, you will get clear, high quality and lifelike sound.

These JBL car speakers use another advanced technology that is JBL Plus One cone technology. Plus One cone provides more and more cone surface. For this large cone area, it provides good bass response and the woofer gives high bass output.

Easy Installation System

You can easily install the this car speakers in nearly any factory-built location. Because there are designed as a replacement installed OEM (original-equipment manufacturer) speakers. Also, you can install any factory-built without any modification or special tools. It makes it easier to install.

Don’t worry about installation, the JBL® installation rings included with this speakers. If you want to upgrade your older set, the JBL939 6"x9" 3-Way Speakers make replacing them easy.

Powerful Performance

The JBL GTO 939 car speakers have low impedance voice coil who will able to extract more power from any amplifiers. These speakers use low impedance voice coil, 3-ohm speaker for extract more power which engineered driver 3-ohm or fewer loads. Aftermarket head unit and factory installation system, Both is compatible with the JBL GTO 939 car speakers. This speaker offers 300 watts of peak power for more power. So there is no doubt about the powerful performance.

Support and Warranty

Each JBL car speaker gives one year warranty, Products purchased online or from an authorized local retailer. Warranty may qualify exchange under two year If you have a valid receipt. If Purchases unauthorized dealer you will be not eligible for exchange. You can contact their support by phone or email if have any problem. JBL also offer 30-day return policy, so you can test sound in your car. If everything is right keep yourself otherwise return it.


  • The Sound is very clear and there is no distortion at high volume.
  • Highest continuous power-handling
  • It delivers excellent audio quality.
  • The bass is pretty good.
  • They build in larger mounting bracket
  • The highs are super crisp


  • Installing the grills is not too easy
  • The subwoofer is not for full sound
  • The plastic which hold the guard is very cheap
  • Cones are larger than other in size.

Key Features At A Glance

  • Great Sound Quality and 3- way design
  • Plus One woofer cones for deep bass
  • Carbon-injected Plus One woofer cone for more cone surface
  • List ElGood quality Mylar-titanium tweeter like home theaterement
  • Dual level tweeter volume
  • Speakers: Three ohm, Low impedence
  • Installation ring included

JBL GTO 939 car speakers,that make famous for rich, big, detailed and high-quality sound. These speakers provide serious bass of a Plus one woofer cone and super tweeters that able to produce elaborate frequencies. You will get attention to detail rarely given to your car audio. The Carbon injected Plus One woofer having larger size which allow more base.

JBL GTO 939 is able to deliver audible increases in bass output. Home theater quality tweeter in the jbl car speakers has a high bandwidth and also has dome tweeter with a large voice coil. So you will get fantastic speaker just like as the high-end home loudspeaker. No doubt for great power handling, high frequencies, and seamless integration because there are tweeter’s My-Ti™ [ Mylar®-titanium blend ].

These are able to deliver true sound from built-in crossover network with advanced high and low pass filters. They make the transition between woofer and tweeter, As a Result? the sound will so natural and authentic. You will feel that the singer is sitting the passenger site in your car.

You do not have to worry about the sound quality. I think you must give me thanks for the quality of sound after owned the jbl car speakers.

Another thing that everyone is worry of car speakers. That is installation system but jbl makes it easy with its JBL® installation rings (included). So you can easily install into factory-built installation locations and it simple to replacing of aftermarket car speakers.

You will able to safely drive any head unit with aftermarket head unit. It’s easy installed to nearly without any special tools or interchange.

JBL GTO 639 car speakers have powerful performance. You will be able to use any amplifier by providing a 3-ohm load. It uses a lower-impedance voice coil to extract the most performance from all amplifiers.

But the engineered to drive 4 ohms or less loads. As a result, you will get a great performances car speakers. Enjoy your music from several types of amplifiers to these 3-ohm speakers.

I want to say Some words about JBL company. JBL is an American company and they produce amplifiers, car speakers, loudspeakers and many other audio components. Founded in 1946, James Bullough Leansing is founder the company. Their audio product offers hard competition to many another audio component like as Ford, Infinite, Boss. This company also produce in addition car stereos, subwoofers, tweeters.


The JBL car speakers (JBL939 6"x9" 3-Way Speakers ) is the best car speakers. You will get combines high-quality loud sound and great audio in one speaker. It has the ability to give clear audio in the low, mid, high range frequencies. Just not only good audio but also very easy to install. Another good news is Two year warranty and 30 days return policy that makes it different than others. You can read all reviews from Amazon about this speaker. I think this speaker is one of the best speakers for upgrading car system.

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