Top 3 JVC Speakers for car in 2020

JVC Kenwood Corporation is USA based company, the leading developer and manufacturer audio and video product. Also produce portable audio products, audio, and video accessories, audio components and systems, car audio/video products. JVC Speakers and another product build by latest technologies to deliver high-quality sound and images.

Often we see many people confused to buy JVC car audio speakers because their many products are available in the market. It’s difficult to choose the best JVC speakers for a car who want to upgrade their car audio system. As a result, we try to collect about top 3 best JVC speakers to guide those people who are seeking help. For your kind information, we not used all product, just we collect information from people who used these JVC car audio speakers.

​Top 3 JVC car speakers

JVC CS J620 - CS Series 2-Way Car Speakers(Pair)

The JVC cs j620 is 6.5 Inch CS series 2-way coaxial car speakers. We put this in the first place in our best 3 JVC car audio speaker list. These JVC speakers are one of the best options for high-quality sound in the JVC car audio speakers brand. It’s able to provide great music without much distortion. The engineers designed it with durable and good quality materials that is why it provides accurate performance many years.

The JVC cs j620 has higher sensitivity and maximum power handling capacity. You will get natural sound for the available amount of power. Most of the people want a speaker which have super easy installation system. These speakers have super easy installation system so don’t worry about installation.

Key Features On The JVC CS J620:

  • ​These are 2-way coaxial speakers that mean it has two pairs, one in the front and one in the back.
  • ​Poly-Ether Imide balanced dome tweeter uses in the speaker to handle the high frequency and instantly making it superb upgradable.
  • ​It’s has a woofer cone who made by Tough and elastic mica material.
  • ​This speaker has a higher frequency response and sensitivity such as - 35 Hz to 22,000 Hz frequency and 92 dB sensitivity.
  • ​Aluminum is used for making the voice coil. For your kind information, that aluminum materials allows more capability to resist high heat.
  • ​JVC CS 5620 has 4-ohm impedance for extracting maximum power from any amplifier. For these features, you will get a good result and use amplifier properly.
  • ​It’s a Hybrid Rubber and Cloth Surround car speakers which is able to provide great performance in a long time.
  • ​This speaker has a shallow 1-26/32 inch frame for making installation as painless as possible.

Drawbacks on The JVC cs j620 Speakers

  • ​This speaker not capable of providing more deep bass, the quality of bass is just average
  • ​The speaker does not fit in some of the cars. So you should confirm first that it’s fit your car or not.
  • ​Sometimes it show negative result but not always.


​We think this JVC car audio speakers are one of the best choices for the music lover. The prices of this speaker are also not so high, you may see above. If you really want to upgrade your car audio and want to great car speaker. So don’t read more and think more, you can purchase it without confusion. You can also go Amazon to check it. So Be Rocking with the JVC CS j620 coaxial car speakers. But If you have no problem with the budget and just want a great speaker you can see our expensive 6.5 Inch speakers list.

JVC CS-DR600C - 6.5" 2-Way Component Speakers

The JVC CS-DR600c is DRVN Series 6.5 Inch 2-way component, speakers. you will get detailed clear and natural sound from these JVC car audio speakers. we keep it our 2nd choice because of some special features and quality. You may also like after reading all features and specification. Some of the people keep it their first choice but the 2nd choice in the maximum people.

Highlight Features

  • ​You will able to listen to lifelike and great music with its two 6-1/2" woofers, two tweeters, and two crossovers features.
  • ​It has Ferrite Woofer Magnet and Hybrid Rubberized Cloth Surround for Perfect Factory Upgrade Speakers.
  • ​JVC CS DR600c uses Poly-Ether Imide Balanced Tweeter and Carbon Mica Woofer Cone that means you will get great audio
  • ​Power handling capacity is just average such as 720 watts per pair / RMS: 120 Watts per pair. It’s not too low as we see any other car speakers.
  • ​Top mounting depth : 56.5 mm (2-1/4")
  • ​These JVC speakers have high-frequency response range 76-24000 Hz and sensitivity 88dB
  • ​High-quality materials used to build this speaker for more durable and long-lasting performance.

Product Specifications

  • Power handling capacity: 720 peak power per pair and 120 watts RMS per pair 
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Frequency Response:  76 - 24,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB

Final Verdict

The JVC CS-DR600C obviously good component speaker set for the price. After considering all about these speakers you can keep it a 2nd choice. It’s just my personal verdict, you may take 1st because there are those in the multiplication. You will get great audio experience with it and also get accurate performance many years.

3.JVC CS-DR6930 - Coaxial Car Speakers

The JVC CS-DR6930 6x9" 3-Way J Series coaxial car speakers. Maximum people like it for average sound at cheap prices. If your budget is too low you may also pick these speakers. But it will be wrong if you expect high-quality sound from it. Just you can expect average sound and performances.

Product Highlight

  • 6" x 9" J Series 3-Way Car Speakers
  • Mica cone woofer for quite sound
  • It has Hybrid surround specialty
  • Poly-ether imide balanced dome tweeter
  • Power Handling: 500 Watts peak/2-70Watts RMS
  • Frequency Response: 58 - 21,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 88dB
  • Top-mount Depth: 3-1/8""
  • Although the price of this JVC speakers are very cheap Even then service is not very bad. These speakers provide a fairly good performance because it builds by good quality materials. You will not get better than the JVC cs-DR6930 in the price.


  • Good sound in the price
  • Designed good quality materials
  • High power handling capacity and sensitivity
  • Easy Installation system
  • ​Cons

  • Not long lasting speaker
  • Do not have the ability to provide deep bass
  • It can show the bad result after few months ( Not all speakers)
  •  Final Verdict

    This is a good car speaker at cheap prices with average sound. We say all information about these speakers, So you should make decision purchase or not. Just we can say if your budget is low but want a good quality speaker, yes the DR6930 is for you. But if you want to the high-quality speaker you should pick our recommended speaker above we describe. Start listening music with the JVC car audio speakers and be rocking when you drive.