Kicker DS60 Review – All You Need To Know

If you’re a hardcore music lover and the factory speakers are too mundane for your taste then you’re in for a treat. It’s time to bring in a new addition to your vehicle’s audio system to make every trip worthwhile. Kicker focuses specifically on the audio car system; therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll receive nothing less than awesome with this bad boy installed in the car.

Kicker has been ruling the market for decades and they’re currently one the best in the market. They were introduced in the market back in 1973 and they designed speakers especially for cars and trucks.

They’ve been a trendsetter in the industry and a top favorite by the music lover since then. Kicker has a number of awesome creations and the Kicker DS60 is one of their finest creations. Let’s take an in-depth look at the features of the Kicker DS60.

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The Kicker DS60 has a simple yet elegant design. It comes in a classic black look that’s very much in style. The DS60 has a low mounting design, the speaker can drop in with ease for all kinds of mounting situations.

It offers a super easy installation process so, you can get it wired up and install it on your own within an hour or two. Also, it’s flexible enough to fit in through all vehicle doors. However, if you’re skeptical about doing it yourself, take help from a professional for the installation process.

The design of the DS693 also has a posh outlook despite the budget-friendly price tag. It’ll be hard to take your eyes off the matte black color and it’ll enhance the overall look of your car.


The build quality of the speaker is one of the core determinants of its performance. There are many expensive speakers out there in the market with lousy performance despite the steep price tag. However, both DS60 and DS693 have exceptional build-quality that ensure outstanding performance.

The build quality of the DS60 is absolutely top-notch. Most factories provided speakers generate output that is subpar for the ears of a music lover. These woofers incorporate a heavy-duty motor structure along with Extended Voice Coil technology offers a remarkable sound quality.

Even though the DS693 is a budget buy, the build-quality and the construction of the speakers say otherwise. It has a sturdy and durable construction that will last you a long time. It features Kicker's Extended Voice Coil or EVC technology that ensures top-notch sound output by the speakers.

Sensitivity Rating 

The sensitivity rating of the speaker determines how the speaker will respond to power. Higher sensitivity rating means that the speaker will require less power to generate the same amount of sound. Both DS60 and DS693 has 92dB which works excellent in terms of sound generation and quality.


When it comes about performance, the Kicker DS60 is hard to beat. It’s the Maserati of car speakers and the sound quality will give you a live concert feel for sure. It generates a crisp and clear sound with ultra-clean bass that will wow you every time.

The DS693 incorporates a polypropylene woofer cone and ribbed surround. The sound produced is ultra-clear and has enough vibration to it. It also has a low mounting depth that helps to upgrade the vehicle's kick panel or the door.


The kicker is very generous when it comes about warranty. While most standard car speakers provide a 1-year warranty, Kicker offers 2-years warranty. Within the given timeline, if you face any trouble with the speakers, they’ll either refund or replace them.

Few Maintenance Tips

Following some simple tips will help to elongate the lifecycle of the speaker to a great extent. We have come up with some simple tips that will help you keep the speakers in tip-top shape and help you enjoy the music to the fullest.

  • The setup procedure of the speakers has an important role to play in the overall performance of the speakers. You must connect and set up the wires properly so that they can provide their best performance.
  • You should use sound deadening material to reduce road noise and vibration. They’ll help to cancel out the interior noise level so that you can enjoy the music with more details.
  • The proper use of the equalizer will take your musical experience to a new height. Also, make sure that you properly connect the wires to the speaker.
  • Give the speaker a regular cleaning as that will help to generate better audio quality. For cleaning, you'll need a can of compressed air, duster brush, mild detergent, microfiber cloth, etc.
  • If you’re skeptical about cleaning the speaker yourself then take help from a professional instead. Cleaning the speaker grills regularly will help to deliver a clearer sound and it’ll prevent the dust particles from getting further into the speaker.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner once in a while to give the speaker a squeaky clean feeling. However, make sure the vacuum has an upholstery.
  • It’s essential that you protect the speaker from any outside damage. Speakers do occupy a large portion of your trunk but try to ensure that no groceries or bags are placed on top it.
  • Even though it sounds intriguing, don’t turn up the volume to the fullest as that will generate unclear and noisy tones.


If you’re an avid music lover then a good car sound system is a must for you. A great pair of speakers will have enough punch to boost up your inner soul and help you replenish your music. Music is indeed the best medicine and it’d be a perfect companion for the road.

The kicker is a pioneer in the car speaker industry. From reggae to death metal, these bad boys are great for all. Both Kicker DS60 and DS693 speakers offer a crisp and powerful sound that will let you enjoy your car ride to the fullest. They’ll undoubtedly beat any stock speaker by the day, so, get your hands on any of these babies and head to your destination like a rockstar.