5 Best Kicker Speakers Reviews In 2021 – Top Picks

Speakers are the kind of gig that a car owner does not replace very often. It might be you are just fed up with those irritating and worn out factory speakers, or may be you wish to upgrade the previous ones. Whatever the reason is, the Kicker car audio speakers reviews will disclose all the essentials you need to know.

Car owners are the choosiest people while buying any car audio to pick up clear sound for their cars. Well, why they won't be? It's about their dream car. And is the only mate when you are driving alone towards a long destination. Tuning up the volume of your favorite rock n roll track and feeling the moment; that is what every rider dream of. In the end, you are investing for the moment, not in the product, isn't it?

Today, we are going to share our investigation of the five best Kicker car speakers for those crazy drivers. The thorough review will give you an idea about why these are comparably better performing than other Kicker series. Let's hit to first Kicker's.

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5 Best kicker speakers reviews for your car!

For any hobbyist car rider, before getting the speakers, one should look for some key features such as the frequency response, sensitivity, power handling range, RMS, grilles. Not only that but also, the built-in quality of the woofer and the tweeter type is also a concern for the better audio experience.

We will look into each of today's contenders to determine whether these have the following features and standards. Depending on the analysis, you can easily reach for the one that matches your taste and demand.

Top Kicker car speakers

For making a quick decision we have focused on some particular points on kicker car speakers that you need before pick up.

Pair Kicker 43DSC69304 DSC6930 6x9 360 Watt 3-Way Car Audio...
Pair Kicker 43DSC69304 DSC6930 6x9 360 Watt 3-Way Car Audio...
special features
Produce great performance and music realism
Power Handling: 360 watts MAX ,RMS Power: 90 watts per Pair
Weight: 8.9 Pounds
Warranty: 1 year
Pair Kicker 43DSC69304 DSC6930 6x9 360 Watt 3-Way Car Audio...
Pair Kicker 43DSC69304 DSC6930 6x9 360 Watt 3-Way Car Audio...
special features
Produce great performance and music realism
Power Handling: 360 watts MAX ,RMS Power: 90 watts per Pair
Weight: 8.9 Pounds
Warranty: 1 year

At the first position of today's best kicker speakers listing, we have the D-series from Kicker car stereo lines. Whether you want to replace your worn car speakers or want to upgrade to the ultimate sound experience, this Kicker 43DSC69304 d series is the one you should bet on.

As this Kicker included zero-protrusion technology in this low-profile edition, it can be fit in any size of the speaker enclosure you have. Thanks to the up to the mark built-in technology that ensures excellent sound quality. The frequency range of these car stereo system is 30 to 20,000 Hz, with a sensitivity level of 92 dB. 

The New Kicker 43DS69304 is 6x9 inch a 3-Way Car Audio Speaker. Many people like 6x9 speakers, and I think these speakers are perfect for them because the 43DS69304 has fantastic features and long-lasting performance guaranty. It’s another excellent product from kicker and a very good among all 6x9 inches. Now it’s time to read all of the features that make it accessible.


  • 3-way speakers
  • 30-20,000 Hz of the frequency range
  • 92 dB of sensitivity
  • 4 ohms
  • 6*9 inches of a woofer
  • ½ inch tweeter
  • 6-90 watts RMS
  • 3.25 inch Mounting depth

Unlike any stock speakers, the clarity of bass and treble frequency is going to blow your mind up. Following by the three-way engineering assures dynamic sound while transferring comparably lower frequency. The big woofer is made of polypropylene so that it can conjure a broader range of volume.  Now, riding while listening to your favorite EDMs is going to be never like before.

Kicker specifically designed these speakers to fit in more cars than typical speakers. Since these are not very deep, they will not interfere with the things inside, like your door or window motor. (Note: all the speakers are 4 ohms; hence, these can be the perfect replacement for your aftermarket head unit)

For safety precautions, there are also two grilles in the speakers. The ribbed polyester foam on the body keeps it safe from weather issues. Compared to the factory speakers, this one has a better frame and tweeter, including a significantly more giant magnet. So, having these high-end speakers ensures both quality sound and longevity at the same time.

  • High-end engineering.
  • Fits in maximum slots.
  • Low-profile design.
  • Comes with replaceable warranty.
  • Ultimate sound quality.
  • You might need to modify mounting holes.
  • Performs less in lows.

Our next Kicker's recommendation of the best car audio speakers is these 4 in one pack coaxial speakers. People who want the full sound experience inside the vehicle, these Kicker DSC69 premium speakers will just drive them crazy. The reasons are more than one.

The  speakers Sound great and are the best suit for riders who own a car with a bit loud engine like Dodge. It is dual speakers who might not deliver the level of sound that satisfies your ears. Remember, in some cases, you might need spacers to set these up inside your car.


  • 4 ohm.
  • Thin profile design.
  • Surrounding setup of acoustic foam.
  • Structured with high sensitivity motor.
  • 92 dB sensitivity.
  • 30 to 20,000 Hz of the frequency range.

A thin profile design is implemented to avoid grasping unnecessary space. You are still getting a grilled body for safety purposes in this edition as well. The implanted acoustic surrounding foam is also seemed to be a sign of quality car speaker. On the other hand, the balanced designed tweeter is made of PEI or polyetherimide. However, we missed here the zero-protrusion touch.

If talking about the sound quality, the backbone of this Kicker speaker set is its high-sensitivity motors. The 92 dB sensitivity level is more than average speakers that deliver a loud range of sound. We do also appreciate the similar 30-20,000 Hz of the frequency range, which assures consistent dynamic sound. Well, spending that much is not going to regret you for sure.

Unlike previous Kicker speakers, these have the power-house of 720 watts for better output results while using low input. It also requires minimal clipping, unlike stock speakers of your cars.

  • High-end sound delivery while consuming less power.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Takes less space.
  • Quality magnet and other materials.
  • Delivers a multi-directional sounding experience.
  • Very high price pick.
  • Missing zero-protrusion technology.

Kicker 40CS654- Budget Friendly Factory Speakers

If you are battling inside your mind about Kicker 46CSC654 vs Kicker 43DSC6504, no more worries. We will solve all your confusion. Indeed, the 40CS654 is one of the few budget speakers for cars that deliver ultrasound quality as well. Yes, the price range is lower than the 43DSC6504 also.

Without any doubt, your upgrade decision to switch to this edition will give you an extra advantage and going to bump in audio experience inside your car. The 40 to 20,000 Hz of this speaker's frequency response can deliver a more detailed sound than stock speakers. You are also getting 90 dB of sensitivity with this budget tag.


  • 40 to 20,000 Hz frequency response.
  • 90 dB sensitivity.
  • Up to 100 watts.
  • 2-way coaxial speakers.
  • Half-inch balanced dome tweeter.

The polypropylene woofer is additional support to enhance the sound experience. You are going to witness the surrounding polyester foam in this Kicker line as well. The quality measures we found in this is enough to serve your ears for years. The 300 watts of peak power at 100 watts regular power control makes it the most efficient pick than any budget car speaker.

Both of the coaxial speakers are equipped with grilles and eight speed-clip. The wire length is sufficient to reach the designation. Since the mount holes are coming in with average diameter, you can easily mount these inside most of the car.

The last reason you should bet on this speaker is the money-back guarantee on finding any defect. Besides, there is a backup of one year of warranty as well. So, hit the button now to make the safest deal.

  • Very budget efficient car speakers.
  • Durable construction.
  • Delivers aesthetic sound even while powered by a stock radio.
  • Not an average tweeter.
  • Backed by warranty.  
  • No zero-protrusion technology.
  • Makes a bit crack sounding at the top volume.
  • Some user give opinion that it can not handle any good drum track

"My car speakers hum like 70's garage bang" – if you have the same complaint, then it's time to upgrade your speakers with this Kicker DS65. So far, these are the best 6.5 speakers in its price class comparing the audio and built-in quality.

We found this pair of Kicker car speakers equipped with a balanced dome design while making the kicker speakers reviews. That means you are getting a higher audio frequency response range, for instance, 40 to 20,000 Hz. It ensures the maximum music quality you deserve. The diameter of the dome is ½ inches.


  • 90 dB of sensitivity.
  • 4 Ohm.
  • peak power of 240 watts.
  • 6 to 50 watts RMS.
  • Half-inch PEI tweeter (balanced dome).
  • 40 to 20,000 Hz of frequency response.

Unlike regular foam, these speakers are equipped with heavy-duty polyester foam surrounding the front panel. It assures longevity, but don't count it as fully waterproof. On the contrary, the grilles in both speakers also enhance durability. Inside the speakers, there is a high-end motor that delivers better performance.

The good thing is the extra lengthier connection wire, which is 12 inches, unlike the typical 11 inches one. Moreover, the design makes it relatively easy to fit inside your car.

Although we found the power ranging capacity is a bit low in this edition. 6 to 50 watts RMS with peak power of 240 watts might not give the best performance it can actually deliver while connecting with the radio only. Still, it's worth the money you are investing in. Where else can you expect 90 dB of sensitivity within this price range?

  • Heavy-duty motor for high performance.
  • Ultra level of mid sound quality.
  • Budget efficient pick.
  • Delivers loud enough sound.
  • Less noise experience.
  • Lower peak power.
  • Bass quality might need improvements.

At the 5th position of today's Kicker speakers reviews, we have the DS60 car speakers. If you are pissed off of those underperforming stock speakers, this is the gear you need inside your car—the DS60 perfect fit into the speaker slots in any SUV or truck.

Indeed, these pairs of speakers are equipped with a heavy performing motor structure. The earth-neodymium motor always gives you remarkable sound. So, if you are that of a kind who likes listening to music throughout the journey, these are the best mate you can find out there. The innovative poly switch also keeps speakers safe from overdrive.


  • Frequency response 43-21,000 Hz
  • 90 dB of sensitivity
  • RMS: 50 watts
  • Half-inch PEI tweeter (balanced dome)
  • Peak power: 100 watts

The engineering is also followed by Extended Voice Coil technology for better audio deliverance; it is rare in default speakers.

If measuring the audio quality, we experience an aesthetic experience with these car speakers. Especially during mid-bass to highs punch, the sound is ultra-clean. Most probably, it is due to the polypropylene cone along with the UV-treated front panel. These also deliver linear excursion.

With the necessary components such as 12 inches of tinned wires, butt connectors, and speed clips, anyone can easily set this up in the speaker slots. The price range is though similar to the Kicker CSC65; you can consider it as a better option for highs.

In brief, getting these high-end car speakers means you are getting longevity, easy installation, and quality sound in one pack. And you are also getting one year of manufacturer warranty.

  • Comes with mounting brackets.
  • Performs great at mid to high punch.
  • Highly recommended as a budget speaker set.
  • Durability motor with safety precautions.
  • Increased output.
  • Not good at lows.
  • Treble is better than the bass deliverance. 

Factors We Have Considered Before Making the Kicker Car Speakers Reviews

Car speakers are one of the favorite gadgets for many car owners. People don't invest in the design only; they invest in the experience they want to get from this sort of product. Therefore, we have considered each of the aspects before listing the best of all. Let's dig into these aspects one by one.

Type of the Speakers

You can find two sorts of aftermarket speakers typically – full-range and component speakers. Let's grab more information about these types.

Full-range Speakers

As the tag suggests, you are going to get all of the essentials in one basket in case of a full-range of speakers. For example, in these speakers, you will witness the woofer, which is vital for lows. With the mounted tweeter support, you can also experience better highs. Depending on the edition, you might find additional drivers as well.

Getting a full-range Kicker speaker is a must if you don't want high muss and fuss while swapping your stock car speakers. (Note that there are different sizes available in this category; choose the one according to your car slot)

Component Speakers

In the case of component speakers, you will also see the kinds of stuff like woofer, tweeter but as separate gear. It would be best if you mount them by following the user manual. The component speakers like above we have discussed are the best options to experience realistic and lively sound.

Another reason we found above kicker speakers better while comparing the Kicker Ks vs Cs series of speakers is these are coming in with an external crossover network system. As a result, they can deliver sharp delineation between frequencies consistently.

Built-in Materials

It is needless to credit the hardware of a speaker if you are getting better quality sound. Without that, the equipped materials also determine how long your speakers are going to last.


Having stiff and lightweight materials in the woofer is always the right choice. Reliable brands like Kicker use synthetic polypropylene to make these up to mark.


Well, it's not a myth that good tweeter material enhances the sound your speakers deliver. Indeed, it's true. Both soft and hard materials are suitable but provide different sounds. For instance, tweeter with hard materials like metal or graphite is decent for listeners who appreciate highs most of the time.

Surround (Front)

Since your speakers' woofer surround determines how frequently the woofer cone moves, consider this as a keynote as well. Not only that but also, it releases bolder bass. As it is on the front of your speakers, you should consider the durability stuff also. The material should resist extreme humidity or temperature.

Your Speakers should Match Your System 

If all the aspects above are fulfilled, you should investigate some other features before diving into the buying decision.

The Sensitivity of Your Speakers

The sensitivity of your speakers measures the range of sound it can generate. In general, the range is less than 88 dB in typical factory speakers. Your speakers will sound better if the sensitivity range is equal to or higher than 90 dB.

Power Measures

It's where many of the buyers make the wrong decision. When considering the power handling measures, you should look for the RMS rather than peak power. RMS refers to the energy your speakers can handle.

You should keep in care that you should go for a low range of RMS like 2-50 watts if you have a low-power system. Conversely, if you have set up an external amp, the watts in RMS should be between 10 to 80 watts. It is recommended to invest in speakers that have more than 16 watts of RMS.

Other Features 

Besides all of the above, you will enjoy extra advantages if your speakers have specs such as swiveling tweeters, external crossovers, detachable tweeters. With the pivoting tweeters, you can aim the sound directly towards the best position you would need so that the song you are playing sounds livelier.


Are Kicker CS speakers good?

Kicker CS speakers are fine for music lovers who used to play at a louder volume. The series of speakers consume less power than other editions. Nonetheless, the frequency response is also quite good in Kicker CS speakers.

Do Kicker door speakers have good bass?

There is no comparison of Kicker bass quality if considering the price range. The quality is better at mid. Besides, these are relatively easy to install, though we found a bit of crack sound at extreme or high volume in some models.

Are kicker CS speakers waterproof?

Not all actually. The models like CS65, 46CSC354 are marine certified and entirely waterproof so that these can survive in the extreme scene.

What is better kicker KS or CS?

Both are coming in to deliver ultra and pristine audio quality. KS speakers have tweeter equipped with the body. On the contrary, tweeter comes separately in CS series. You can consider KS for richer sound quality, but CS is better for loudness. Check out our Kicker KS 6.5 review to get a thorough idea.

Where are Kicker speakers manufactured?

The premium quality speaker brand was founded in Stillwater, Oklahoma, in 1973 and still manufacturing their audio products from there.

Final Thoughts

The Kicker is undoubtedly one of the best car speaker manufacturers in the world. The company already made its place in many car owners' hearts. Not because of the quality, but also for the dedicated price tag Kicker offers.

After investigating the above speakers for the Kicker speakers reviews, we have come to this conclusion that you should consider this brand for multiple reasons. The prime one is the budget price tag. Its role is like the Epiphone of the car speaker niche. You are not going to compromise the audio quality, neither the durability. The easy to install process also deserve praise.

Both as full-range and component speakers, the above 5 Kicker speakers, deliver distinguishable performance as well. Lastly, the money you are investing in is safe because of the warranty and replaceable guarantee. There is nothing more a car owner can expect. Isn't it?

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