Disadvantages and Advantages of large Car Subwoofers

A car subwoofer is a necessary companion for you that allows a powerful sounding system in listening music. Basically, it enables a listener to apprehend lower frequencies well.

There are small and large size car subwoofers based on your choice. Does the size make any difference or leave any impact on the noise and audio configuration? In this article, we will let you know about Disadvantages and advantages of large car subwoofers in details.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Big Size Car Subwoofers?

 Large Car Subwoofers
Large Car Subwoofers

To enjoy a powerful music system with quality sound, you must have a good purchase of a subwoofer. Now I am going to throw a question towards you. Is the efficiency of car subwoofer only dependent on its quality? The true answer is a big “No”. Size matters a lot for producing a great deal of quality music too.


First of all, I want to make you learn about the benefits of having large car subwoofers. Normally, a consideration goes with the big subs is they are able to connect with lower frequencies well with your car audio speakers.

People who are passionate about enjoying deep bass, they are satisfied with large subwoofers. In fact, they are good at creating the highest quality of volume in music.

In marketplaces, you will find different kinds of subs almost in range of 8 to 24 inches. In most cases, they will provide you the most demanded power capacity what a good audio system should have.

In comparison with the small subs, bigger ones are more strong and effective in increasing their efficiencies as well. Because of having bigger cone area, they are master at producing lower frequencies as we have mentioned before. Again, they are expert at showing the upgraded skill at managing deep resonant bass notes.

Evidently, larger subs have potential reasons forther highest grade of deeper bass. When you are going to judge the actual performance of car subwoofers, take a consideration about having bigger ones.


Everything has some merits and demerits. Large car subwoofers are not exceptional from this natural rule of law. Big space requires the large size. Again, they are also very heavy to carry.

Smaller vehicles have to face the initial problem related to the setting of it. This is also a tough task to position the suitable place for bass due to the bigger size.

Furthermore, it leaves a vast pressure on vehicles for struggling hard as it becomes weighty enough for the large size. Another disadvantage is about the price range. Of course, it can cost up more than a small one.So, you will get a major difference in cost based on the size and dimension.

By now, you have gone through the full article. Am I right? Then a bunch of opportunities may not have possibilities of missing your thoughtful consideration about having large car subwoofers.

In my opinion, your confusion might have gone now related to the size of car subwoofers after reading this article. And you have already known a lot about it. After all, knowledge is power. Isn’t it?

Three Places to Place Your Car Subwoofers

Is there any necessity to inquire about the places where you should keep the subwoofers?Of course, this is a million dollar question and it does have importance to ask. Subwoofers should be placed in the right place for having a flawless stereo system. Here I want to discuss more with all of you.

The Places Where You Need to Put the Subwoofers:

1. Up front bass:

Generally, subwoofers are set in the boot of any kinds of vehicles. It does have a great impact on the sound. Hence, ‘Up Front Bass’ is responsible to pressurize the air and that’s why you can’t differentiate the exact source of it easily. If it fails to do the job for any reason, you may receive the mid-range volume originated from the subwoofer.

It makes you feel like that the subwoofer you placed in your car is just in front of your audio configuration. This is very good for listening quality sound to your desired music. This should be the suitable place for placing your car subwoofer.

Again, you can’t set it always on the front as there is a space restriction, you can find in many vehicles. This place for setting the subwoofer is mostly perfect for 3 volume cars.

2. Under the seat:

Another space you can use for placing the subwoofer is under the seat of the car. Here, you can save ample of spaces. There is no necessity to function wiring in the trunk. And you will get more vibration in listening music. Many people love to enjoy such kinds of vibration with massive sounds.

Basically, under seat subwoofers are smaller in size and havethe capabilityof producing low-frequency as well. It has been designed with a strong subwoofer. That’s why you won’t have to install any extra amplifier.

Moreover, it is quite easy and probably secures enough for you to set up.A few of screw and brackets require putting it in the right place.

3. Consider corner loading or trunk:

This is another alternative place where you can position your car subwoofer. In fact, this is the ideal place for the audio system I think.Maybe, you will love to place it at the corner position due to having space limitations.

Many people can take a decision to place it in the trunk for the large size of the subwoofer. In this case, you need to check out the area and whether it will fit there or not.

As it has a remarkable impact on the volume of music you are going to hear, it’s undoubtedly necessary to choose the right place for setting it up.


At the final note, I can say that this is very difficult to decide where to position the subwoofer to get the maximum quality sound in a car. The places, I mentioned here are suitable for positioning the car subwoofers. This is the right time for you to judge your desired place that suits you the best.