What are mid range speakers

You love to drive your car to the office and weekend getaways are even more fun. There are some things that need to accompany you on the journey to make it memorable. Music is one such thing.

What are mid range speakers

Music is something that sets the mood high within a very small duration. Most cars come with in-built speakers but they do not produce the rich quality sound that your ears long to hear.


Getting the right speakers is a tricky thing. For that we first need to understand about the diverse speaker components and types that can be installed on your car!




One of the most important components of the car audio system is loudspeakers. In addition to that, you need an amplifier and infotainment systems to make the music. Most cars come with inbuilt infotainment systems. Amplifiers are something that would be necessary to produce high-quality sound from your speakers.


In this article, we will talk about loudspeakers in detail. There are three kinds of loudspeakers – tweeters, best mid-range speakers car audio systems and woofers. Tweeters handle the higher range of the sound frequencies and woofers the lower ones.


As the name suggests, mid range speakers look after the lower range frequency of sound. All of them should perfectly sync together to produce an amazing sound in the car. Mid-range speakers are the most important component that helps you to achieve this.


What are the mid range speakers?


As stated before, mid range speakers handle the middle range of the sound spectrum, roughly from .5 to 4 kHz. This sound range is the most audible part of the music and hence these speaker types are so important. The sounds that musical instruments and human voice produces fall under this sound range.


They are mostly in the form of a cone or dome design. The cones are truncated from the center. These truncated sections produce vibrations to emit sound. The cones of the speakers are generally made from paper-like material


It is extremely important to have a mid-range speaker that emits high-quality sound. Since this segment of the sound is most familiar to the ear, any disturbances can be easily understood, even from the naked ear. The mid-range speaker that you install in your car must produce low-distortion music to have a perfect experience.


Best mid range speakers for your car


We thought of sparing you the difficult task of mining the internet to decipher the best quality of mid-range speakers for your car. Most of the car speakers pack all three components together to produce a balanced sound.


We have picked 3 speakers that provide high enduring performance and comes at an affordable price tag.


1) Pioneer TS-M650Pro Mid-Range Speakers


It is one of the best 6×9 speakers for cars that produce intriguing mid-range sound. Compact and versatile design, these speakers produce unwavering sound quality, making them ideal for cars. Whether you are listening to instrumental or podcasts, these speakers will make your ride memorable.


An efficient surround technology rejuvenates your mood by producing a balanced sound. If you are on a hunt for the best, then you should definitely buy this one.


2) Rockford Fosgate R165X3


One of the leaders in producing high quality speakers, this one is an affordable offering from Rocford. The Fosgate R165X3 has a silk mid range dome that produces low-distortion and gives euphoric sound quality.


The components are also made from premium quality material that gives it a durable finish. A comprehensive crossover sits at the back of the speaker which distributes the sound to the necessary drivers.


3) Infinity Primus Series 6×9


Infinity is widely known to manufacture exceptional quality speakers. With the Primus Series 6×9, they promise to bring premium quality sound to your cars. It comes with Plus One technology available in most leading speakers.


It perfectly balances the highs and lows of music. The mid-range sound is clear and distortion-free. The power consumption is also not that high. This lets you mount it on the existing head unit of your car.


Tweeters and subwoofers


While most of these speakers come with in-built tweeters and subwoofers, you can buy these two components separately to further enhance the quality of your car audio. The speakers mentioned above are fairly enough to produce a decent quality sound in your car. But there is never an end making your car audio systems better!